Give a Great Gift: A Guide to Making Gift Hampers

Do you have that one friend who seems never satisfied with any gift you get them? They will thank you politely, but you know they don’t like it. Well, that’s why a gift hamper is a great gift idea.

Putting together a gift hamper for your friend will show that you really thought through the gift, and also gives them multiple gifts in one!

So, read below to learn how to make a gift hamper like a pro!

Choosing The Right Gift Hamper

You may choose a basket or a hamper, maybe even a tin tray! The right hamper is almost as important as the gift hamper contents itself. You want to pick something fun that relates to what the basket theme is, and to what the celebration is.

For example, if you’re giving this gift to a friend who loves chocolate, try to find a basket or tin that looks like a chocolate bar!

Choosing The Contents

Choosing the contents of the gift hamper set is the most important part of the whole process. You want to stay with the theme you’ve chosen, and make sure that you choose things that you know your friend will love.

Going with the chocolate example: some content ideas for the basket would be to include their favorite brands and types of chocolate, but also throw in some new chocolates that you’ve discovered. Maybe even pick up some artisan type of chocolates that will make the basket fancier.

This is why a gift hamper is perfect for anyone, you’re able to give them what they want, but also make them feel special by adding some extras in there.


You can decorate your basket in any way you choose, however, some staples you will need are cellophane, a ribbon, and tissue paper. 

Line the basket with tissue paper to make sure that the items will stay still when it is on the move. Once all your gifts are in place in the basket in a way that you feel is presentable, you will want to cut out a big piece of cellophane paper. Place your basket in the middle of the cellophane paper and bring each corner up so they touch one another.

Once you have this form, you will want to hold the corners together with one hand, while using your other hand to bring together all the sides so that it wraps itself around the basket. At this point, it is easiest if you put a small elastic where your hand is holding the cellophane together.

Now you can take your ribbon and measure around where the ribbon is, and choose the length of ribbon you want to use. If you want to create a bow, make sure you have a longer ribbon. Once you have cut the ribbon at the length you want, tie it just below where your elastic is on the cellophane – this way you can remove the elastic. 

Once the ribbon is tied to your liking, you are done! 

The Perfect Gift

Now that you have read this simple guide to making gift hampers, hopefully, you will be inspired to go out and use this idea for every gift you give.

The gift hamper makes the perfect gift because it is easy to put together, and shows that you actually put some thought into what you got your friend or loved one!

If you’re looking for more gift-giving ideas, see our other blog posts for inspiration!

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