Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! How to Plan the Perfect 40th Birthday Party for Your Bestie

The 40th birthday is a milestone that many celebrate with a huge party. So much so, that in 2014, Kate Moss had a 40th birthday bash that lasted four days and cost her more than $120,000! 

Now we aren’t saying that every 40th birthday party needs to be that extravagant, but it should be celebrated in style. 

Is someone you love turning 40? Keep reading to learn how to plan a 40th birthday party for your bestie.

Plan a Surprise or Involve the Friend

The first step of party planning is choosing between a surprise celebration or involving the birthday person. 

A surprise party is perfect for the modest friend who insists they don’t need a big celebration. Send out secretive invites to their friends and family members and then tell your friend that you’re taking them out to a quiet dinner to celebrate. Then, when the two of you show up at the party venue, they’ll be surprised by all their loved ones ready to celebrate their big day. 

If your friend is very particular about their celebrations or hates surprises, it may be better to involve them in the planning. This gives them a say in who’s invited and when and where the party’s held. This doesn’t mean you can’t hold out on a few surprises, like inviting a long-distance friend or coordinating a group present. 

Decide on Party Entertainment

One of the most important 40th birthday party planning aspects is deciding on the right party entertainment.

You can choose to have your party at a venue that includes entertainment, such as a comedy club or a dance club. Or, if you are having a party at someone’s house, you can bring in entertainment. Live music, adult party games, or even a karaoke machine are great options. 

Pick a Fun Theme

Every memorable party includes a theme. Decide on a theme and make it clear in the invitation. You can require people to wear themed-costumes for extra entertainment. 

A few great 40th-party themes include:

  • Over the hill
  • High school prom
  • Decades, such as the roaring ’20s or disco 1970s
  • Favorite childhood character

Once you’ve picked your theme, then you can concentrate on the decorations and party favors. For example, if you choose an “over the hill” theme, decorate the venue with black balloons and cardboard headstones. Regardless of the theme, you need some great party favors, like these 40th birthday koozies for all the guests. 

Plan a 40th Birthday Party Full of Memories

Using these tips, you can plan a 40th birthday party full of great memories for your bestie. 

First, choose whether you want to surprise the birthday person or get them involved in the planning. Then, decide on the right entertainment to ensure everyone has a great time. Finally, choose a theme so you can decorate the party with style.

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