Gifts Ideas to Send for Family Members Living Overseas

Giving gifts is great. It’s one of the most effective ways to say that you care about a person. But when there’s an ocean between you two, surprising one with a gift becomes way more difficult. Sending gifts overseas might be a true challenge and here’s why. 

When picking a gift to send from the USA to Europe, you have to be mindful of the size, weight, and shape of an item. Plus, each country has a long list of restricted and forbidden items, thus you have to be mindful of the item itself. 

To make it less challenging, we’ve outlined simple, yet meaningful and original gifts that usually can be sent from the USA to European countries without any difficulties. Let’s get started.


Super simple and obvious, yet perfect for long-distance shipping is a book. Its perfect shape makes it one of the easiest things to pack and send on an overseas journey. Shipping to Europe from the USA is a complex procedure, packages go through many hands, thus the sturdiness of a book becomes very handy. If a person you want to surprise with a gift is a book lover, you cannot find a better gift than a good piece of literature. 


Actually, anything made from textile is great for overseas shipping. As long as you know the size and taste in the clothing style of a person you wish to cheer up with a gift, you can send these goods overseas without any worries. From clothes and shoes to blankets and sheets – this kind of stuff is perfect for shipping and can be a great gift. It’s not fragile and it’s not sensitive, therefore it will definitely handle a long overseas journey. 

Travel pillow

Getting a travel pillow for a loved one living overseas is a great idea for a few reasons. First, just like clothes and other textiles, it is perfect for international shipping. Plus, this kind of gift can be an effective hint for the person. It obviously says that you wish him or her to visit you in the USA. Although sending gifts overseas is great, having your friend or family member visiting you in your country is a much better experience. 

Online gifts

If you don’t have time to take care of sending gifts overseas, then don’t. Instead, pick out an online gift and transfer it to the recipient via email. Online books, online courses, online gym classes – the list of great online gifts is endless. Living in a technologically advanced century allows us to improvise and make things done with a few mouse clicks. If in need, take advantage of this luxury we have when sending gifts overseas. 

Plane tickets 

A gift that fits in an envelope and is definitely a surprising one is plane tickets from the recipient country to yours. It’s a way stronger hint that you wish to see him or her in person than a travel pillow. It obviously states that the person should pack and head to the airport. 

However, make sure that these tickets have no set date. Let your friend or family member pick out the travel date himself or herself. Also, it does not necessarily have to be shipped in an envelope. You can also transfer them online. Whatever is better for you. 

Sending gifts overseas is not difficult if you know what to send and of course, have a reliable shipping service provider by your side. The quality of package shipping mostly depends on the carrier you decide to ship gifts through. However, picking a gift that is proper for an overseas journey is also crucial. Hopefully, the ideas listed above will get you off on the right foot when picking a gift to send abroad.