Gift Ideas That Are Perfect for Baby Showers

Celebrating a new life is a joyous occasion. Family and friends choose to share that joy by giving the new family to be a gift. Yet sometimes getting something suitable for the family can be challenging. 

Here’s a list of baby gifts that aren’t necessarily on the expecting parent’s registry. 

  • Bigger clothes
  • Practical gifts
  • Unisex gifts
  • Something for the parents

Let’s explore these items and see why you should consider surprising the expectant couple with it.

Bigger Clothes

Clothes may seem like a typical item to bring to baby showers. There are plenty of unique ways to approach this gift idea. 

Except that newborns usually grow fast, some babies are either born premature or bigger than expected. That’s why parents could benefit from different sizes of baby clothing. Some infant items are unnecessarily overpriced, that’s why giving longer-lasting garments is a great option. 

Practical Gifts

Gifts should make parenting more comfortable. Parents need as much help as they can get, so they would appreciate anything that makes the daily tasks pleasant. Luckily these presents don’t have to be expensive. 

Here are some affordable and useful supplies for first-time parents.

  • A decorative nappy storage basket
  • Bath supplies to make bathtime fun and easy
  • Special gentle detergents for sensitive skin is crucial
  • Laundry bags for washing socks and bibs
  • Kids’ bamboo dinner set for baby-led weaning

Unisex Gifts

Gifts often come labelled for boys or girls, but what if the gender is unknown or the parents decide not to gender their baby? Unisex baby gifts are a fantastic solution to this situation and a great range can be found at places like Bespoke Baby Gifts. Many stores have unique gender-neutral ranges to decorate baby’s room with, and they’ll even deliver at your doorstep.

Neutral monochrome colours like mint green or soft yellows are good options to go with, even if you know the baby’s gender.  Please remember to include the parents in this decision, especially if they have a theme or colour scheme for their nursery.

Keep these gender-neutral gifts in mind:

  • A gift card
  • A nasal tube aspirator
  • A baby emergency kit with a nail clipper, something for cramps or gas relief

Something for the Parents

Sometimes getting a little gift for the parents reminds them that they’re also appreciated during this time. There are many options available to help them relax or celebrate the expansion of their family. 

Many people love capturing their family moments, so why not book a maternity or a family shoot?. It’s a sentimental gift that’ll last a lifetime. New parents will adore pampering kits. Fill a basket with their favourite treats or book a spa day before the arrival of their new baby.

Final Thoughts

Giving baby shower gifts are an excellent opportunity to show support and love for parents. The items you give don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Helping with supplies to make daily tasks simpler are wonderful ideas. Neutral colour gifts are great when the gender is unknown.

Parents don’t usually get treated with gifts, so getting them a little something can go a long way. Timeless options like photoshoots will capture this wonderful phase in their lives forever. Spoiling the parents-to-be is an excellent choice as well. 

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