Gift Ideas for Your Son’s Birthday

If there’s one day your son definitely looks forward to you apart from Christmas, it’s their birthday. Birthdays are a fun time to celebrate our kids and show them just how much we appreciate them.  It’s a fond time to gather with family and friends, reflect on the day the child became part of your lives, and how much they’ve grown since then.

In our experience, however, there are two kinds of parents. There are those who get really excited and prepare well in advance to throw a big party on their son’s birthday. The second group of parents includes those who prefer to save the money they would otherwise spend on organizing a birthday party, and prefer to spend the money on gifts instead.

Regardless of which group you fall under, gifting is a common theme for both and it might prove overwhelming considering the diverse interests boys have as they grow up. To help you out, here’s a list of gift ideas you should consider for your son’s birthday.

1. Aircraft Models

If your son is interested in flight and aviation, buying him aircraft models could help his imagination and creativity soar.

With aircraft models, you have various options. You could either buy ready-made models or go with constructor kits that involve your child build a model airplane step by step. It could be a great way of spurring their creative skills.

2. Kids First Robot Safari

The Kids First Robot Safari kit will give your son the opportunity to build robots of various animals and get to watch them move if assembled correctly. The kit comes with a stage-by-stage manual that makes the construction process easy and with minimal adult supervision.

3. Nano Remote Controlled Drone

A mini drone for a gift is a great idea that would thrill any young boy. The drone allows your boy to assume he’s a rescue-chopper working to save the day. Some drones may be too complex for small boys to use, therefore, make sure you buy a small one that’s labeled as safe and easy for beginners.

4. Walkie Talkies for Kids

Buying a walkie talkie set for you and your son can open up so many fun things that the boy can do with you or with their friends. Walkie talkies can make playing hide and seek very interesting. It’s also a great way to put off the inevitable cell phone for some time.

5. Playmobil Mars Space Station

It’s an obvious fact that kids are our future and what better way to prepare them for what lies ahead than triggering their interest in space exploration. The Playmobil Mars Space Station allows kids to engage with a toy setup of a residential station on Mars that has detailed rooms, working lights, moving parts, and toy figures suited up in space suits.

A Good Gift Can Go a Long Way

Birthdays allow families to spend time together and have fun with their children. For the kids, it’s a special time for them as their parents get to show the joy and love they have for them. These moments help to create special memories and experiences that strengthen the bond and security between a boy and his parents.

Each of the toys mentioned above will play a role in the development of your child. Some will improve their creativity and challenge their intellect so make sure you choose one best suited to their skills.


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