Getting your first Instagram followers and likes in 2020

Instagram is a great platform for marketing purposes, especially when you are trying to build a career in the same niche. Therefore, it’s quite essential that you work on it sincerely, in order to excel and move ahead. However, for excelling in the domain of marketing, you always have to be careful about some things such as followers, etc.

It’s likely that you would have set some benchmark for your own to achieve, in terms of your followers count and the average number of likes you get. If it’s ten thousand followers and likes, then you have to know that you will earn some benefits on your first ten thousands on Instagram.

Later on, we will also see how a person can buy Instagram followers and likes, and make his or her task easy.

We can look at them in brief.

 Benefit of ten thousand followers and likes on Instagram

Your first ten thousand followers will come to you with a privilege which will excite you and make your job easier. The benefit will be visible in your Instagram stories. You will no longer have to ask your fans to visit some other page or website for viewing your content, so the question of directing the traffic from Instagram will get much easier. You will directly be able to attach links in your stories, which will make the whole experience easy and hassle-free.

Earlier you would have felt that for your followers to view content, you may have to send them to your bio, for checking some link out. And even they would felt that the task was tedious. That’s where this feature of tapping on your stories can be very useful. This feature of tapping on stories to open links can be beneficial even in cases, where you want to convey the whole message through your Instagram story.

The statistics say that accounts with more than ten thousand followers have a better image and collect much more likes than the ones with similar number but a little less than 10k. Feels strange, but it’s true.

It’s possible that you are promoting a product, and add its photo with a nice caption in your story. Then the only thing missing to complete the whole context, would be its link. In fact, that’s actually a good way of promoting products and services through Instagram stories. Aslo, directing your fans and visitors which do mostly watch stories to a new post on your account with a call to action significantly raises a change for a better final score of Instagram likes on it.

Can buying followers and likes be an option?

Well if you want to reach ten thousand followers quickly, then definitely you can look forward to this option. It has its own perks. Look for some premium quality sellers who will make sure that you get real likes or followers and the delivery time is minutes, not days. In this case you should give a try to Cheapigfollowers Instagram likes & followers since they have all the features of a premium seller like privacy protection, money back on fails, active support line etc. Therefore, you will not have to face any problems, and you will be able to get your job done very easily.

In fact, a lot of Instagram followers, will also you to expand your reach and join new groups as well as communities out there in the online world. That will mean that you get more followers, and that your fan base increases. Therefore, if you have the budget then it happens to be an area where you can look.

But don’t doubt to buy Instagram likes when you got your following expanded. Yes, your fans will put likes, but not each of them. The practice speaks it’s only about 10-15% of the audience subscribed to your page on Instagram who put likes on your posts, so it would be a good idea to buy Instagram likes to boost your posts for a better result. Having about five thousand likes on mostly every post would tell your account is worth following it and that’s how it grows.

In a nutshell, ten thousand followers and similar number of Instagram likes are essential not just from the point of view of marketing, but also for availing some benefits!

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