Getting ready for the new year

A new year’s resolution without a concrete plan of how to go about achieving your resolutions will likely end up a failure. Having a plan is probably what people do not often remember while making their resolutions for the year. A great number of people want to, and I’m certain, you, too, want to begin a new year with a new you. And what’s not to change? Our lifestyle, our relationships, our careers, and businesses often do not go as we want them, and so before the year is over, we begin to make plans, and wishes for the next year to be better. Millions of people make New Year resolutions, with the intent that they can bring about a change in their relationships, careers, businesses, and their lives as a whole, but that hasn’t really proven to be an easy thing for most people thus far. There are several reasons why these resolutions do not come to pass, but that isn’t what this is about, even better, there are easy ways to get your year started before it actually begins—that’s what this article is about.

The New Year signifies, always, new opportunities—a chance to get things right again. Anyone would give anything just to start over, but often times, starting over is not the problem, staying through and truly accomplishing what you want is the problem. In the spirit of making new resolutions for the year, and ensuring that you bring that change to your life that you want, the book, A New You, is one wonderful book that would show and teach you how to overcome the obstacles that prevent other people, and have probably prevented you in times past from beginning a new year with a new you. That is everyone’s dream. All and much of what is not written here are all exhaustively explained in the book. Written by a criminal investigator, and adopting policing and intelligence models, you would be doing yourself a whole lot of good by reading this book.

Moving on, to bring change to your career, lifestyle, business and relationships, there are simple things you should know, and steps you must take to make your resolution come true.


New year

There is nothing that can be achieved, no matter how much resources you have at hand, without discipline. You were probably expecting something else, but the basic things of life are the most important. Everything written in the book, A New You, will not be helpful to you if you do not have the discipline required to do what is needful. A good way to build discipline is to have people around you who are positive and help you achieve productivity, they can also help by checking up on you, while you keep those who will easily make you lose focus in abeyance or find a way to ensure they are not a distraction to you.


One out of what A New You talks about is how to successfully declutter your space—physical, mental, and otherwise. Before you step into the New Year, there are things from the present year you may need to let go of or manage; otherwise, they would be the reason you continue in the same circle as always. Decluttering involves identifying all the things in your life that are not important or beneficial, and summoning the courage and determination to remove, reduce, or avoid them. It also involves learning to organize your space in a way that it allows you comfortably navigate through important activities. This might be physically decluttering or mentally, or both ways. You just have to find the aspect of your life that needs to be organized, and sweep the dirt out.

On the other hand, you may find those aspects of your life you have been ignoring, and learn to accept them, and begin to work on them. This the only way you can remodel your life in the coming year.


Knowing what you have is a good step toward using it properly. So, you have to wake up to your reality, and bridge the gap between your goals and your capacities. You may have failed the past years because you set a goal for yourself that exceeded your skillset, or that was did not fit into your current situation, hence, the need to declutter, identify, and maximize. You should know what resources you have—time, energy, and means of achieving your aspirations for the year, and set a goal that matches them. Otherwise, level up, find a way to make both your ability and environment, and your goals marry.


Plans may be useless sometimes, but planning, as the saying goes, is invaluable. You won’t even as much as begin, if you do not have a plan. Planning is, as a matter of fact, your second step to achieving your new year with a new you resolution. It doesn’t matter where your resolution is targeted at, whether a change in your lifestyle, in your career, in your relationships, or your business, this is the blueprint for the success you seek. Without a plan, you would most likely find yourself haphazardly trying and failing to keep up. A plan helps ensure you carry out the necessary activities toward achieving your New Year resolutions. It also serves a reminder, reminding that it is time to hang out with friends, that it is time to say goodbye or goodnight, that it is time to have your meditation or yoga moment, that it is time to get out and run that errand, execute that project, prepare for that exam, call that person, acquire that skill that would affect your career. All in all, there would be no (proper) action without a plan.

Clarity and Doability

Set a goal, and let your goal be very clear, otherwise, you will end up hitting aimlessly. Beyond setting a clear goal, your goal must be doable, otherwise, you will get overwhelmed and relapse. It is good to push yourself, but make sure you are able to do the little things perfectly before you venture into the bigger ones. Little wins eventually amount into bigger ones, so start with what you can do, and take it up the notch little by little.