Getting engaged during the pandemic: The challenges and the rewards

The wedding industry is an industry that has been able to effectively and successfully go from one strength of the next thanks largely to the incredible amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis that is placed entirely on allowing and empowering both the vendors within the industry and couples getting engaged and married to be able to make the most of the process. Over the years, there have been many evolutionary areas within the wedding industry, all of which have been important and valuable in and of themselves.

Recently, it has become more obvious all the time that along with the rest of the world, the wedding industry has definitely been money mentally impacted by the ongoing global health pandemic that has been wreaking havoc for over a year and a half an hour. And while this industry has suffered tremendously, there is a lot to be said about the fact that there is always a silver lining and more and more, engaged couples and vendors are finding exciting and creative ways to continue the planning process during even the most challenging times.

Getting engaged during a global health pandemic

For couples who have gotten engaged during the pandemic, it goes without saying that the planning process has been entirely different to that of weddings planned prior to the pandemic. This is very similar for all aspects of post-pandemic life, from job hunting to managing a foreign workforce. There is a monumental focus today on triple checking with vendors whether there is a cancellation policy or if they can simply have their booking held in a credit for a future date should it be impacted by covid. And that is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the challenges that have been presented and have proven to get in the way of the process.

Paying close attention to all the moving pieces

There is so much to be said about the impact on every different moving peace. Whether it is the engagement invitations , the wedding invitations, the vendor up the flowers, or whatever else it happens to be, the reality is that all of the moving pieces now have additional innovations that are placed upon them and they all rely heavily on how cold is going to impact the day from now on. It is a whole new world and it is one that engaged couples are trying their best to see the silver lining in (as well as the wedding industry).

Embracing the challenges and the rewards

Like any other time, there are challenges and rewards associated with planning a wedding. Currently, embracing the challenges and the rewards has a lot to do with being willing and able to understand and appreciate that there is always a silver lining and perhaps one of the best things being engaged couples they can do is to get on top of the planning process regardless and simply be open to the idea that then maybe a plan B (and maybe even a Plan C and so on) needed. Now that we begin to hopefully come out of the tail end of the pandemic, there is hope for couples who are planning to get married next year that all will be able to go ahead as normal. However, of course, time will tell.