Getting Arty with Canvas Prints: The Best Ways to Showcase Your Wall Decor (+ A Discount Code)

Are you looking for a way to liven up your living room or office space with some art? Perhaps you would like to showcase a timeline of old school photos, a family vacation you recently went on, or a shot of nature that you find soothing and calming. Canvas prints are a sure eye-catching and artistic way to spruce up any space – so read on to find out how to use canvas prints in wall decoration.

What are Canvas Prints?

You’ll definitely like to know before you continue. Canvas prints are images printed on canvas from an inkjet printer. It is a refined wall decor solution where digital printing and premium canvas fabric come together to create an enthralling photo reproduction with a timeless value.

It’s All About Canvas

You can’t create a captivating print without a proper printing substrate. So why choose canvas and not, say, traditional photo paper? First of all, let’s get one thing clear – all printing mediums have their benefits, and your choice should depend on the result you want to achieve.

The canvas material is made out of a number of different fabrics like cotton and linen or synthetic polyester strands. These days, printing companies tend to use canvas from man-made materials as they tend to be more durable and ensure amazing colour vibrancy. And thanks to the slightly textured canvas surface, the print acquires a mild pastel overtone –something which instantly turns 21st-century digital photographs into vintage gems with a timeless flare.

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 What Differentiates Canvas Prints from Other Print Formats?

In modern decor, people tend to mistake canvas prints for other formats such as posters or framed photos. And it’s more than understandable –  all wall decor formats are mildly similar but, at the same time, worlds apart.

A canvas print is typically composed of a hardwood frame and canvas fabric stretched across it. On the other hand, a photo poster, while also involving printing, is done on simple paper and is usually used for the lighter subject matter (think your typical movie premiere poster).

Framed photos have their fair share of cool qualities; they blend in with the surroundings by tying the colour scheme of the room to the frame. And this means that a frame can truly make or break your wall art arrangement – you’ll need to carefully select frames and consider the furniture and room decor before making your final choice.

A canvas print gives you leeway in this regard; they provide a more flexible approach when decorating a wall. Their borderless design can be adapted to any interior style, and the vibrant colors pop right out, creating a new focal point that enlivens the room or space you’re decorating.

Some other things you should have in mind when considering the right print format are:

  • Photo frames can be heavy and difficult to transport; canvas prints don’t have this problem; they are relatively lightweight.
  • While canvas prints aim to add texture and depth to the reproduction itself, frames only complement the photo prints without changing anything in their visual appearance.
  • Canvas prints are more substantial than posters because they include an interior frame that supports the print from the inside and gives it a pleasing tangible presence.

Arranging Your Canvas Prints the Best Way

Now that you’ve picked out the best prints that suit your taste, let’s give you some tips as to how best to arrange them to make canvas prints pop.

1. Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is simply a wall in your home or corporate space where you can creatively arrange your art pieces together. It could be in your bedroom, living room, or hallway. The essential characteristic of a gallery wall is its eclectic character – the features should sprawl across the wall in a freestyle arrangement.

2. Give Your Design a Focal Point

What is a focal point, you might ask? In interior design, a focal point is that eye-catching element of your overall design that is instantly noticeable. For example, situating your canvas print on the wall above your fireplace (if you have one) is sure to draw attention.

3. Decorate Your Shelves

You can create something visually interesting by putting your shelf space to use. Yes, shelves are usually adorned with books, pot plants, and sometimes standing frames, but you can also fill empty shelf space with canvas prints. Simply lean your canvas against a wall – and make sure to choose smaller formats to leave some breathing space around every print.

4. Create A Wall Cluster

Follow the rule of three to create an eye-catching wall cluster. The rule of three in interior design or photography is a rule (or guide) that states that objects arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing to the eye. Hey, we didn’t make this up, and it actually works; try it out yourself.

5. Enliven Unattended Spaces

A very unique way of showcasing your favourite photos on canvas prints is to place them in those corners that are usually left unattended, like staircases or that blind wall down the hall. You can use wall art to spruce up these mundane areas of your home that would otherwise be uninteresting.

6. Mix Canvas Prints with Other Print Formats

Choose an accent wall in your room and mix up the different styles of wall decor for a more eclectic look. For example, you can showcase a large canvas print in the middle of your wall and have different types of artwork or photography hanging around it.

What better way to make a space feel truly personal than by enlarging those lovely wedding photos? Or blowing up those fun holiday pictures of your vacation to that calming beach island and making them into a printed canvas. Canvas prints are a beautiful way to celebrate great personal moments and remember them forever.

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