Get Your Spices In Perfect Order With These 14 Ideas And DIY’s

Before I found these amazing ideas, my kitchen was a mess. When I was cooking meals, everything was in the right order.

But, when my husband was doing it, the kitchen was like a bomb exploded there. Spices, dishes, knives, forks, spoons, and everything else around it. Yes, around the kitchen. I was always mad about it because nothing was on its place.

Then, my husband said something that really made me think. He said: what can I do when I don’t know how you organize things.

This was it. The turning point. I found the proper organizational ideas and put everything in place. Now, everything is in the right harmony.

Thanks to these amazing hacks and organization ideas, I still love to get into my kitchen and cook something magical.

What about you? Do you use some tips and tricks? If you don’t, not it’s the perfect time to start.

1. Kitchen Shelf for Spices and Kitchenware

Kitchen Shelf for Spices and Kitchenware

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2. Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Holder

Mgnetic Chalkboard Spice Holder

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3. Rustic K-cup Holder with Spice Shakers

DIY Rustic K-cup Holder with Spice Shakers

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4. Upcycled Jars to Spice Jars

Upcycled Jars to Spice Jars

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5. Easy Spice Rack

Easy Spice Rack

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6. Chalkboard Painted Spice Jars


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7. Concrete Spice Rack

Concrete Spice Rack

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8. Mason Jar Spice Organizer

Mason Jar Spice Organizer

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9.  Wire And Nail Hanging Spice Storage

wire and nail hanging spice storage

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10. Spice Rack Makeover


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11. Spice Rack DIY

Spice Rack DIY

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12. Spice Rack Shelves: The Cheap & Easy

Spice Rack Shelves The Cheap & Easy

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13. Magnetic Tea Chalkboard


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14. Spice Rack With Test Tubes


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Plus, these organization hacks could serve you for decorative purposes, as well.

Share this with your friends. I know they have the same problems with their husbands, as well.

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