Get Speedy Recovery From Your Leg Injury In Just 6 Simple Ways

Legs could be counted in as one of the most important organs for mobility. They support the body’s entire weight, help maintain balance, and perhaps, the most visibly important task of carrying us around rests on our legs. But just like any other body part, your legs too are vulnerable to injuries. Injuries to the leg could be a big setback in your everyday life, and in case, you have recently had a leg injury, here are some amazing tips for a quick recovery:

1. RICE:

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. This is the most basic and common method to treat any acute soft tissue injury. Resting helps the wound and pain to not aggravate or worsen any further. The swelling and redness caused due to the injury could be relieved to a great extent by applying ice to the affected area.

Ice helps in reducing the redness and pain around the affected region. Compression or application of soft counter-pressure helps reduce swelling. Elevation prevents any fluids from accumulating in the affected region, thereby, reducing the risk of extra swelling.


Understanding your injury is the most basic step towards getting it cured. A thorough clinical check-up could help you understand if you are dealing with a sprain, strain, fracture or dislocation of bones. A proper diagnosis could help you focus on the correct rehabilitation strategy and enormously help with the recovery.

You could also make use of helpful equipment to aid your movement around the house in your post-injury phase. We recommend you only choose trusted providers such as  Safety and Mobility Australia for your mobility aid equipment need.


Being mentally weak and upset at an injury could vastly limit the speed at which it could recover. A positive attitude towards the injury could help massively in coping up well with the situation and follow prescribed instructions better. Being upset could cripple your will to recover and totally defeat the purpose.


Your diet chart might be up for a change if you have sustained an injury. There is a vast range of foods that could help you recover quicker. For muscles to regain their strength, what you need is loads of proteins. Protein-rich foods like soy, meat, eggs, and dairy products could help you during the recovery process. Consider having a few citrus fruits, like lemon and orange,  for enhanced production of collagen.

It is known that collagen helps in rebuilding tissues. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, which largely has anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from a fracture, you must have a good amount of sunlight exposure for optimum Vitamin D intake and couple it with calcium-rich foods.


After the pain has subsided and inflammation is visibly reduced, regaining complete movement and mobility of your legs is very important. There are a few excellent yet simple exercises that you could try. Try moving your ankles in a circular motion or your feet up and down if you have suffered a sprain or strain. These exercises improve blood circulation and flexibility and help a lot in regaining full movement. In addition to this, you can also consult the experts at Central NJ Spine who offer multiple surgical and non-surgical treatment options for a speedy recovery.

Also, consider exercises that improve leg strength and balance as well. These two are also reduced to a great extent after an injury to the leg. All exercises must be performed under the supervision of a specialized doctor or a physiotherapist. Doing exercises the wrong way could aggravate the wound.


Avoid moving your injured leg before the pain and inflammation have completely subsided. Healed injuries don’t pain and if they do they’re an indicator that you aren’t ready to move yet. Take a rest from your daily activities and give your injury all the time it requires to heal.

We hope this article has helped you go about your post-leg injury phase. Take care!

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