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Time quickly fly by when you visit instagram account daily. Same happens when you are busy in making creative content, researching hashtags, finding major keywords or making strategies for your posts. The nature of instagram platform is like that, creative content keeps the user engaged that has made the platform more challenging for other users. It is not easy to bring something more interesting post and content than by others and that to be regularly. Changes happen quickly on instagram where what is trendy at the moment becomes unpopular in few days. But, one trend is not going to over and that is the instagram story. Users can even buy automatic instagram story views from

Instagram stories have become a tool for many brands whether it is minor or major. Promoting business and engaging more customers is easier this way rather than the traditional methods. Businesses have recognized this and what else should be recognized that picture post not always yield better engagement levels than stories. So, how to implement the stories? Do you have out of the box ideas? No, try out some of the ideas we have that will make you stand out from others.

Ideas to get more views on instagram stories

Stories on instagram work like magazines that give the viewers an exposure about your brand and enhance user’s engagement. Brand engagement increases not only when you have creative content but also when you get so many views.

Use a storyboard

A story structure will give a clear purpose of the story that you are going to post. Use a storyboard for it. Stories with a clear beginning are more likely to keep the viewers engaged however not only the beginning should be attractive but the middle and end should be worth watching. So, creating a structure is gonna help you.

Also, it should be out of the box and not like the old stories that you have shared in past. Give a reason to the viewers to watch your instagram stories.

A resonating content

Pay a watch on your audiences to understand what they like. Content that resonates with the interest of the audiences will really pay off. Instagram analytics will be helpful here to learn which content performs better. Also, always remember to post content while maintaining the instagram aesthetics.

Use hashtags

Hashtags really works. Stories with interesting and attractive hashtags are more likely to get discovered by the audiences. Moreover, a popular hashtag will let the user view real time stories. If the stories catch their eyes then they may follow their profile. A user can add up to 10 hashtags or use a hashtag sticker or hide them under gifs. Make them look interesting by blending the text color with the background.

Schedule them in advance

Plan your success by scheduling the stories in advance and boost the audience views. Planning ahead will give you time to make improvements in the stories, put a swipe up link and make calls to action. Check the final look of the story that is going to be visible to the audiences before you post it.

Be creative

Almost 500mn daily users scroll their instagram page. So, you have to be creative to make sure that they stop at your instagram stories and watch them. Add animation to the stories to make it look different than others. No need to hire graphic designer as lots of great apps will let you make fun animations.

Creative skills, complete knowledge of instagram features and these ideas will give lots of views on the instagram stories. However, it is still a bit challenging especially if you have lack of time. Buy automatic instagram story views from Get more views without spending much time and retain organic followers on your profile.

Buy instagram story views

Purchase views on live stories, last stories and even on archived stories of high quality. Views will get delivered to the account within 10-15 minutes. Simply start with selection of type of story and amount of views you need. Extra views are also served with few packages. Pay the amount and get the views instantly.

Views description

Highlight and instagram story views

Don’t get confused between highlight views and story views. They are not similar as instagram story view is one that you get when a viewer watches a live story in real time or before 24 hours it get scrapped. When a viewer watches a live story plus the highlights then you get highlight views. What are highlights? A highlight is a story that is archived in a folder or an album.

Higher the views on instagram story, last story and highlight higher will be your position. More views will bring more viewers. Therefore, business accounts try different tactics to get more users engagement to build brand awareness, get more sales online and drive more traffic to the page.

So, which is more important for your business account? Both instagram story and highlight views are important. For example- if you need more followers than get instagram story views. Users can buy any amount of views as per their need.

About last story views

All the stories on instagram get disappears on their own after 24 hours of the time they were posted. Last story is also the recent story that you have uploaded. The number of visitors that you see on the story is same as to the number of views on the last story.

Should you buy them? It’s completely your choice however they are worthy when you have only one single story. Instagram story views are worthy for multiple stories.


Instagram story views can make your brand more visible to the viewers. It enhances the chances of getting more followers to join your brand. So, choose a desired package and get automatic instagram story views from Register with them and check out for their services and discounts and get more than 100 or 1000 instagram story views on posts per day. You may also get free video views to enhance exposure and traffic on your business account.

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