Get a colonoscopy exam from NJ’s top gastro specialist, Theodore A. DaCosta

Do you know that about one in 21 women and one in 19 men are suffering from colon cancer? Surprised! Well, you will be more if you are aged above 45 as people of this age are more risk of developing it. Don’t worry; the early detection of colon cancer can save you and it can be even avoided completely. However, you should make the right choice to treat it. What we mean is, consult a right gastroenterologist. Get a colonoscopy exam from NJ’s top gastro specialist, Theodore A. DaCosta. The right specialists and experts can make you free from this process quickly.

However, many of the patients don’t even know what a gastroenterologist is and what they do. They simply consult a local doctor for any abdominal pain or bowel problems.

Who is a gastroenterologist?

They are specialists who treat gastrointestinal diseases and diagnose them. They are not the gender specialist means they treat both men and women. They specialize in performing endoscopic procedures using the specialized instrument for diagnosis. They are not the surgeons who perform surgery but they may do it in some cases. A gastroenterologist works in hospital settings or clinic. What do they treat? They treat any part of the GI system which includes the part absorbing nutrients, waste removing part, and part of the GI system where your food digests and moves.

Although the mouth is also a part of the GI system these specialists don’t take care of this part, it’s the work or dental specialists.

What to know about a colonoscopy?

The doctor will recommend you for a colonoscopy exam if you are detected with symptoms of colon cancer or other symptoms like rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, bowel changes and more. Don’t worry, it is not a terrible procedure and you will be treated soon. Get a colonoscopy exam from NJ’s top gastro specialist, and get prevention from colorectal cancer. The colonoscopy exam will remove the growth of polyps and prevent their transformation into cancerous polyps.

Who is NJs top gastro specialist?

Dr. DaCosta, the finest gastroenterologists of the country is one of the hard-working specialists who deeply concerned about his patients. His commitment and hard work have taken the gastroenterology to the greater heights. He is one of the specialists of a country who is trusted by many peers and patients. Dr, DaCosta has treated many gastrointestinal conditions right from the abdominal pain to the Crohn’s disease.

Anyone looking for a specialist to treat their GI issues with a high level of commitment to serve the community through his knowledge must get a colonoscopy exam from top gastro specialist. However, simply letting the specialist do their work, the patient should also be prepared for the test. Moreover, there are a few questions they should be asking the specialists.

Here is a list of questions that they should be asking.

Colonoscopy or stool test, which is important?

No doubt, stool tests can also get you the accurate results of cancer by detecting mutations in DNA. So, all patients who cannot go for a colonoscopy can get relief from stool tests. However, as per experts, many believe that it is not enough as in some cases the possibility of polyps’ development to cancerous can be misleading. Moreover, if the stool tests turn out to be positive, the next step will be a colonoscopy anyway. Patients with a family history of polyps will usually not advisable going for stool tests.

How to get prepared for a colonoscopy?

Patients are usually afraid of the preparation before tests rather than the tests itself. Today, the use of laxatives or bowel cleaners is not necessarily given to the patients. Ask the doctor about the less difficult options where you may be given counter laxatives. Moreover, not every doctor gives the same choice to patients as they may their own ways to prepare the patients for a colonoscopy.

Ask about the sedatives for colonoscopy

Few drugs such as midazolam and meperidine were used as sedatives but these drugs show effects more than the time needed. They even don’t work in alcoholic and younger patients. Propofol is an effective drug as works quickly and within less time the patients get to recover. This saves the patients’ time in the recovery room. Some don’t even ask how they will be sedated, well knowing the name of sedatives many not is useful but how the effects are. Of course, you don’t want to get awake during the painful procedure of colonoscopy but you will surely don’t want to stay for long in the recovery room as well.

Should I only go to certified gastroenterologists?

Yes, because the colonoscopy should be performed only by someone who has specific training, professional credentials, and experience. Board-certified gastroenterologists like Dr. DaCosta can give you quality assurance. He has gone under the full training programs and diagnostic procedures required in such medical issues.

Which air is used in the procedure?

The insufflations process is also performed during colonoscopy where the colon is filled with air. This allows the doctor to look through multiple organs’ curves. So, it is important to ask whether room air or CO2 is used. The natural room air may be used in the process however it takes hours to pass the gas from the body. The use of carbon dioxide may inflate the colon. As per the experts’ advice, the co2 is recommended as the lining of the colon will absorb the gas and it will come out in the process of respiration.

What is the expected time for the completion of colonoscopy?

The procedure takes usually about 45 minutes and 30 minutes for recovery. The recovery time, however, depends on the use of a sedative. But, the patients may have to be in the clinic for at least 3-4 hours. During the rest of the time, the patients will be completing the paperwork and preparation for colonoscopy exam.

The patients will, however, take 10-12 hours after going home to get back to the normal routine. They are recommended not to drive at least 10 hours.

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