Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Fitness Guru on The Spare Time Workout

Exercise makes you healthier, stronger, more focused, and gives you a longer life. No matter how much good it does you, though, it can be impossible to fit a regular workout into your busy schedule. “Instead of skipping your exercise, change it up to take advantage of the schedule you have,” said Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg based fitness trainer. Instead of working out in one long block of time, do a few exercises whenever you have a few minutes to do so. Stick to exercises that need no machines or other equipment. This way, you can do them when you’re at work, cooking dinner, or anywhere else there’s a little floor space.

Lunchtime Walks

Bring your running shoes with you to work and make use of your lunch break. Spend part of your lunch break speed walking. It isn’t as good as running or doing calisthenics, but you’ll get a good workout and still be in shape for the rest of the workday.

Coffee Break Calf Raises

Calf raises will strengthen and tone your calves. When you take a coffee break or any other time you have five minutes, do some calf raises. Just stand up straight, raise your heels up as far as you can, keeping the balls of your feet on the floor. You are using your body’s own weight here to work out your calves.

Late Afternoon Lunges

When you’ve finished with the busy part of your day, find a little space on the floor and do some lunges. Stand up straight and step forward while sinking your body down, leaving your forward knee bent and your rear knee touching the floor. Doing a couple dozen of these with each leg will give your legs strength and shape.

Cubicle Chair Dips

Or kitchen chair dips. Or anywhere you have a chair, really, as long as that chair is sturdy and not wheeled. Slide to the edge of the chair and grip the edge. Put your heels on the floor. Slide off the chair and lower yourself slowly to the floor using the strength of your arms and legs. Then raise yourself back up and onto the chair. These chair dips are good for your arms, shoulders, and core.

Anytime Squats

Squats burn fat, muscle, and aerobic capacity. Start in a standing position, and then sink down, bending your knees until your thighs are touching your calves. Stand back up and raise yourself up on the balls of your feet and swing your arms over your head. Squats are an excellent way to spend a few free minutes throughout the day.

In Conclusion

“Working out whenever you have a little free time can almost be as good as time at the gym every day,” stated Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg fitness expert. If you are a parent or busy professional, you don’t need to find the time to get to the gym to stay in shape. You can get your exercise anytime and anywhere.

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