Fun Things You Can Do with Your Baby

Depending on how old your baby is, there are several fun activities that you and your baby might find enjoyable. In this article, has come with a number of fun things you can do with your baby from 0-12 months.

Engage their senses

Typically, from 0-4 months, a baby’s senses (smell, sight, touch, and hearing) begin to develop. At about 3 months, you might notice your baby starting to respond to your voice or feeling your touch. This response can be in the form of laughing, cooing, or gurgling. Try to stimulate these senses by cuddling, singing, or just having face time with your baby. It is important to remember that your baby’s attention span may depend on mood, age, and temperament, so do not freak out if your baby does not immediately respond. For example, you can try playing or singing different songs to see which one your baby likes.

Tummy time

Practicing tummy time, even if it’s just for a few minutes daily, can aid in strengthening head and neck muscles. You can do this by simply laying your baby down on their tummy. Make it fun by holding out rattling toys in front of them to encourage reaching out and looking up.

Mommy and baby spa day

Try out a day of mommy and baby relaxation. Baby spas offer different fun activities like baby massage and hydrotherapy. Some studies have shown that babies who undergo hydrotherapy are able to learn how to walk faster than babies who don’t. It also aids in relaxation, which in turn increases appetite and improves sleep.

Playing dress-up

What better way to have a mommy and baby fun time than to play dress up. You can explore different outfit ideas with your baby and take fun pictures and videos.


Although, this is for older babies (8-12 months), playing with puzzles can help in developing your baby’s hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. You can try to engage your baby with a simple puzzle consisting of easy-to-learn shapes. Ensure that the puzzle pieces are large enough for your baby to hold and do not constitute a choking hazard. Start by showing your baby how to play, and be sure to cheer him/her on when they get it right.

Make bath-time fun-time

You can make bath time fun by singing, adding a lot of toys to the tub and giving your baby room to splash around and just have a good time. Always remember to never leave a baby unattended in the bath.

Put on a show

You can’t go wrong with finger puppets. Make up a cheery tale of fun and wonders. This kind of communication can aid in a child’s language development. You can also do a little show and tell by holding up an object and describing what it is to your baby. Make silly noises and faces as you explain.

Try out different development-boosting games

Playtime is a great way to stimulate senses and help your baby develop skills. Some really helpful and fun games include; Peek-A-Boo, mirror-mirror, monkey-see, monkey-do, hide and seek, rattle play, blowing bubbles, and playing with sensory bottles. These are all sensory games that improve your baby’s motor skills.


Get a board book your baby can touch and feel. Ensure that it has lots of colorful pictures. A good example would be to get a book filled with pictures of animals. Try calling out the names of those animals and the sounds they make. Your baby will pick up on those sounds before you know it.

Plan a day out

Babies love the outdoors. Take a walk to a nearby park or a stroll around the neighborhood with your baby. Even if your baby isn’t old enough to play, the fresh air, colorful environment, and watching other kids play can be quite enjoyable.


The takeaway here is that there are lots of fun, safe activities you can do to bond with your baby. Regardless of which ones you choose, the time spent together is something your baby will love. Keep in mind that each child learns at their own pace so, always remember to encourage your baby at every milestone. You can find more fun ideas and tips by talking to other moms on mommy blogs like