Fun and Fresh Ways to Style Boxers for Women

There is very little room for the middle zone these days. Either we’re going out all weekend or we’re not leaving the apartment until forced to. As we embark upon re-entry into society, the key to fashion success in 2022 is comfort, quality, and versatility. Two years of staying home have left us ready and desirous for underwear that will be comfortable and wearable, no matter what we have planned. We need a brand that can keep up with our ever-shifting plans.

Well, finally a solution to all (well, maybe most) our problems- boxers for women have arrived. 

That’s right, boxers are made with the female form in mind. Dress them up, dress them down, or don’t dress them at all… LadyBoxers from Culprit Underwear are sexy, comfortable, and can be styled and worn for many occasions. 


These mid-to-high waisted boxer shorts may just be the most comfortable undies you’ve ever worn. With an average inseam of 4”, these upper-mid thigh shorts give just the right amount of coverage. The material is soft enough to feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. What’s even better than that? You can wear these indoors or outdoors, and no one will be able to tell that you’re just wearing boxers! LadyBoxers, that is. Time to throw out the boyfriend’s old pair you stole: you’re gonna want the upgrade. 

Their “ultra-breathable micro modal” keeps everything cool and dry where it counts (yeah, there). It’s made of 95% micromodal. Micromodal is a sustainably sourced material made from Beech trees in the United States, where the company is located. It uses 20x less water than cotton! 


Let’s start with the basics: their line of solid-colored LadyBoxers. Each color they have to choose from is so stunning and the lines are clean for a more toned-down look. Paired with a colorful bralette for at-home relaxation. They’re also super cute with a good graphic tee, while you go thrift shopping and errand running. 

The lack of excess fabric lets jeans slip right on over them. While they hug your butt in the most flattering of ways, they also work great under dresses and skirts, speaking as someone who is an avid bike shorts wearer (I don’t need my hoo-ha accidentally popping out). 

My favorite of their styles, though, is the crazy, eclectic patterns they offer. I don’t know who their designer is but the color choices and the thematic choices will have you floored. Not only do the colors range from bold, neons, to more subtitles to replicate a renaissance feel, but the pictures are hysterical if you look closely. 

The “Love is a Battlefield” has cupids with battle-axes and arrows (some even dripping with blood) while their “Raptor Nights” boasts of what looks like the best metal show ever played all by Raptors with electric guitars. They also have a more subtle “Stingray”, designed to look like the skin of a stingray. They are pieces of art that get to live on your body! 


What’s amazing about LadyBoxers is their versatility! You can absolutely get away with wearing these out and about: 

  1. At the Gym

Their stretchy modal fabric breathes well and will give you the flexibility and coverage to get all those squats in without worrying if you’re giving anybody else at the gym a show. They even boast that their design has “Camelflage”- which is exactly what you think it is. 

  1. Grocery Shopping

A quick, no need to change, outfit for running errands. Throw on your t-shirt or a jacket and you’ll have your “ooo she looks cute but she’s also in a hurry, so I shouldn’t talk to her” vibe that we all strive for in our errand running. 

  1. Those warm summer nights 

I don’t know where you’re from, reader, but there’s nothing I love more in summer than when the sun goes down and it’s time for a bonfire. Classic bonfire attire growing up was soft shorts and a hoodie. These will quickly be replacing any shorts I thought I loved. 


These are the easiest wear around-the-house undies. Never feeling like you’re showing too much and making your roommates feel uncomfortable, you can really let yourself live in them. 

  1. Sleepwear

They are so comfortable, you forget you’re even wearing them. These are the perfect sleep shorts. Your booty isn’t falling out of the too wide leg holes. It’s formed your body, so the fabric doesn’t get in the way of a good night’s sleep. And with the breathable fabric, it’ll let every breathe while you sleep. 

  1. Underwear

Well, duh. We also love the fabric that doesn’t get in the way of our other clothes, too. But I have to say, the wearability of them all day is surprising. Some bands will cut in or leave marks, but I’ve never felt more comfortable and supported.

I love the newest underwear material, bamboo fabric. When I did my homework, I learned that bamboo underwear is more durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking than cotton and other undergarment fabrics. You can buy this type of undies from reputable undergarment stores online or locally. I just purchased a set of bamboo boxer ladies’ underwear, and I must say, wearing one feels so comfortable.

Make The Most Styling Boxers

Women who wear boxers can take their experience to the next level by pairing it with comfortable wardrobes. If you’re fond of wearing flowy miniskirts or dresses but don’t want your underwear to get accidentally peeped, you can wear boxers instead.

You can mix and match your swimwear with boxers if you don’t want to expose too much skin during summer. They also make good loungewear and are very comfortable to wear when playing beach volleyball, boating, or doing any water sports activity. 

Boxers are also fashionable home wardrobes when paired with a spaghetti strap blouse or plain shirt. You can comfortably move with it and put on pants or a skirt if you have an unexpected visitor. The versatility of boxers can make many women feel more comfortable and confident in pursuing the hobbies and activities they want without the restrictive characteristics of regular undies.


Each pair of LadyBoxers is $28. Their subscription program, however, is completely free (and you can cancel it anytime!)  When you subscribe you get 25% off of each pair you buy! That’s $21 a pair for an actual QUALITY product. They also will give any order above $50 free shipping with it. Once you buy just one pair and feel how friggin’ soft they are, you’re going to want to throw out every pair you thought you used to like. 

They have a “Try risk-free for 100 days” guarantee. It speaks highly of the belief in their product. The “Returns” drop-down menu is also incredibly easy to find. This company is not trying to trick any money out of you. Their consumer-forward methodology is a breath of fresh air. Their website is easy to navigate and information is nothing you need to hunt for. 

Boxers for women are about to have a big year. No more will we be subjected to either scandalous, barely-there string up our butts or loose, baggy boxers we stole from our ex. Now, we get to have the comfort and flexibility of LadyBoxers.