From Toys to Posters: 5 Parenting Homeowner’s Tricks to Create a Happy Childhood for the Young Ones

Every parent wants their children to have the best childhood possible. While many people believe this means buying lots of toys and video games or taking elaborate vacations, these things are not required for a young person to have a happy childhood. In fact, it is often the simplest of things that bring a smile to a child’s face. When a parent wants to create a happy childhood for their children, they should follow these simple tricks: provide a comfortable relaxation nook, encourage outdoor play, exhibit gratitude, exercise together, and help other people.

1. Provide a Comfortable Relaxation Nook

Being a kid can be difficult at any time from elementary school through high school. It is important for a child to have a comfortable, safe place where they can relax. They may choose to meditate, read, or listen to music. A small corner of a shared family space is the perfect location for this nook. It is isolated enough for the child to feel they have a little privacy but not quite so isolated a child couldn’t turn to an adult for help. Space should have a small table or bookcase for the child’s belongings as well as a comfortable seat. Look for help at to see examples of seats for this space.

2. Encourage Outdoor Play

Though kids may enjoy watching television or playing video games, these things only bring temporary happiness. They can even ultimately lead to heightened anxiety and reduced happiness. One of the best ways to boost a child’s mood is to send them outside. The hormones released as they run around in nature and the scents they encounter as they explore have been shown to increase their happiness. Playing outside can also improve a child’s social skills, which can lead to healthier relationships.

3. Exhibit Gratitude

Parents should make an effort to show gratitude in their lives at every opportunity. Whether it be writing a thank you note for a gift that was received or simply saying thank you for a small favor that was done, by acknowledging these things in front of their children, parents inadvertently teach their children to be grateful for all things. By always looking for things to be grateful for, children learn to be content and happy with their lives and the things they have.

4. Exercise Together

It is well known that exercise can boost a person’s mood. This applies to both children and adults. Parents can take this one step further by ensuring their children get an appropriate amount of exercise but also participate in physical activity with those children. Families that exercise together tend to be closer than families that do not. Exercising together allows families to spend more quality time together, work together as a team, and provide support and encouragement to one another.

5. Help Other People

One of the most important things a parent can do to ensure their children have a happy childhood is to encourage them to help others. Helping others forces a child to appreciate the things they have. It also gives them the opportunity to feel good about doing a good deed. Studies have shown that altruism can lead to a boost in happiness. Parents can encourage children to commit to performing one act of kindness each day. They can also volunteer to help others as a family a few times a month.

Raising happy children does not require that parents buy them the latest toys or electronics or take them to locations around the world for vacations. To provide children with a happy childhood, all that is needed is a parent’s time, love, and attention. Parents need only be a part of their children’s lives and provide them a safe space, outdoor time, examples of gratitude, and time together exercising and helping others. By doing so, they show their children they care and want them to have a happy childhood.

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