Four East Coast Trips for your Next Vacation

If you are looking for somewhere close to home for your next vacation, or heading off on a cruise down the East Coast and planning a few shore visits, here are some of the best trips you can take on the Eastern Seabord. One of the best tips for cruise newbies is to take advantage of port stops wherever you go, and the East Coast of the US offers up delights and great experiences from north to south. Get packing and explore this wonderful part of the world, however, you travel! 

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a fantastic introduction to the East Coast. Wind your way along the sinuous stretch of US Route 6 past world-beating wineries and along dramatic coastlines, before settling into the bustling, charming towns that make Cape Cod what it is. Fill your lungs with fresh, salt-filled air, head off on a small boat to seek out giant whales, and explore delicious wines at every turn. Cape Cod’s villages, towns, and cities are what makes a trip to this part of the world tick, though, from the tiny chocolate box beauty of Eastham to the glitzy sophistication of Provincetown.


Any trip to Vermont is a treat, but why not try following the Vermont 100, a route that traces over 200 miles of picturesque Vermont countryside and takes in some of the loveliest, most Norman Rockwell-esque towns the state has to offer. Stop off in Wilmington, Stowe, Warren, Killington, and Ludlow, and experience everything great about Vermont. Hike pretty trails, head off on adventurous bike rides, enjoy quaint classic country stores, and try your hand at trout fishing!


Historic Roanoke was one of the first European colonies in the Americas. These days it is a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors, surrounded by excellent hiking trails and set against the stunning backdrop of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. A fall vacation to Roanoke shows off the area to the best effect, with the changing leaves combining with the beautiful scenery to create a remarkable visual experience.

Savannah and Charleston

Explore all the charm and elegance of the South in these two gorgeous cities. Charleston in South Carolina is a foodie hotspot these days, with a huge range of wonderful eateries and innovative, exciting bars and restaurants to try. Savannah, over the border in Georgia, is an iconic Southern city dripping in history, well worth exploring on foot.

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Photo by Mohamed Ajufaan