Follow These Tips for Brushing Your Teeth Correctly

How to brush your teeth is something many of us are taught at a young age. We naively assume that whatever technique our parents showed us is correct and continue using the same (potentially sub-par) methods for the rest of our lives. But are you brushing your teeth correctly? 

Supersmile teaches how to brush correctly for those out there wanting to optimize their oral health, and we also suggest a few helpful tips to brush better.

How to Brush Your Teeth

The three “T’s” of proper brushing are tools, timing, and technique. Master these three aspects of brushing your teeth and your mouth will thank you!

Oral Hygiene Tools 

When choosing a toothbrush, you should pick something that covers no more than three teeth at a time. Also, it is generally better to pick a soft or medium-soft nylon-bristle toothbrush. The reason being that most people brush their teeth far harder than they ideally should. A softer toothbrush can help reduce tooth sensitivity.

In addition to the right toothbrush, you also should use dental floss (or a water flosser) and a tongue-scraper, and, of course, the right toothpaste. Choose a toothpaste (like one of those from Supersmile) that gives you all of the cosmetic whitening-centered benefits you desire without causing sensitivity. 

Brushing Technique

When it comes to the right brushing technique, simple steps can make a big difference in your oral care routine.

One of the first things that many eager tooth-brushers get wrong is simply using too much toothpaste! You only need a pearl-sized amount. And using only a pearl-sized amount will enable you to focus more on your technique and let your brush do the work. It’s almost like when you use too much soap trying to clean the exterior of your car – often the result is not a cleaner car!

Again, whether you are brushing with or without toothpaste, always remember to keep the brush at a 45-degree angle. A good test of whether you’ve got this down is if the center row of your brush’s bristles is positioned between your teeth and gums. If so, you’re good! The reason that the 45-degree angle matters is because it helps you clean under your gumline. Simply try brushing with the proper angle and notice how your teeth feel afterward. You’ll feel fresh and clean after leaving the dentist.

Next, don’t forget your tongue! Either buy a tongue scraper, or use your toothbrush, but your tongue is a primary source of bacteria so make sure it’s clean.

Brushing Timing

Finally, another mistake people make is brushing too quickly. It should take you a suggested 2-minutes or more to brush your teeth. Set up a timer so you can be used to knowing how long minutes of brushing your teeth feels until you’ve developed proper habits.


There you have it, some simple tips to help you brush your teeth the right way. Remember, it’s all about the three T’s: Tools, Technique, and Timing. Happy brushing!