Flame Bearers: A Celebration Of The Women Athletes

Flame Bearers

Flame Bearers – One of the greatest gifts to mankind is the gift of sporting talent. It is because of this gift that various plans have been made to create varieties of sports events and tournaments, such as the Beijing Olympics, to give individuals a platform to showcase, improve, and be rewarded for their great sporting skills.

However, not all individuals have been accorded the same level of acknowledgment and celebration that merit their brilliance and achievements. Also, not everyone is aware of what goes on behind the scenes when athletes take part in any tournament.

And frankly speaking, we can’t blame you because the media representation isn’t all that especially when it comes to the celebration of women athletes. However, times are changing and women are taking the sports world by storm. So, how do we possibly keep up with all these and more?

Introducing The Flame Bearers Podcast

The answer to the question raised above is simply the introduction of a social media view of the various women athletes changing the game. One social media platform that has given the celebration of women Olympians and Paralympians a huge boost is the podcast.

In essence, Flame Bearers is one of such podcasts dedicated to the celebration of unsung women athletes, Olympians, and Paralympians as well as their journeys to the pinnacle of the sporting world in Beijing, and the issues that are most dear to them.

Think of Flame Bearers as your regular podcast highlighting the not-so-regular pathways of these women athletes with an analysis of the most resilient sportswomen making waves right now with the goal of enlightenment and improved support.

What Is The Aim Of The Flame Bearers Podcast?

With so many podcasts available to listen to on your various streaming platforms, what makes Flame Bearers stand out? What is the true goal of this podcast?

To clarify the true aim of the flame bearers podcast, we’ve divided it into three parts, the goal of the podcast. They include:

To Celebrate The Women Athletes

Every achievement needs proper recognition and what better way to tell the story of how these women Olympians and Paralympians got to where they are right now than through a microphone placed at their lips?

Flame Bearers strives to open the public ears to how far these women athletes have come and emphasizes how great their success is. In the end, this can serve as a motivation for the next generation of women athletes.

To Pass On Their Knowledge

When these athletes were journeying to the top, there for sure was valuable information and insights gained. It’s important that we learn about the knowledge of these athletes, be it from their mentors and trainers, and how such knowledge helped them reach the top.

Such knowledge can come from the rigorous training endured in their journey to Beijing or real-time experiences at the tournament and how they shaped their lives and impacted their sporting dreams. Wouldn’t you want to gain this immense knowledge right from the source?

To Gain Insights Into The Journeys Of These Athletes

Behind every successful athlete, there’s a story of their journey to such success, waiting to be told. The true protagonists of these stories are the various individuals that have supported and believed in these athletes from start to finish, every step of the way.

Through Flame Bearers, you can hear directly from the athletes the untold stories and therefore gain an insight into how and why they’re where they are.

So, to sum up, the mission of the Flame Bearers podcast is the celebration of the journeys of women Olympians and Paralympians in the Beijing games and an action-based analysis of their deepest issues. Flame Bearers podcast is the microphone these women use to share their rarely heard stories.

Also, through these stories, the podcast becomes the microphone that speaks up against issues of racial justice, disability bias, gender equity, and pay equity.

Why Is It Important To Celebrate The Journeys Of Female Athletes?

There are various reasons why the Flame Bearers podcast focuses on unsung women athletes and their journeys to the Beijing games. The beautiful thing about this podcast is that it provides a learning opportunity for both women athletes and listeners alike.

The following further explains how this goes:

On the part of the women athletes;

Flame Bearers gives them a platform to share stories of their dreams, struggles, and lessons of mental fortitude, and how these helped them overcome stereotypes and build a strong resilience.

On the part of the listeners;

Flame Bearers provides an opportunity to learn from the life-changing experiences of these elite athletes and their mentors or mentees.

Also, we as individuals are taught to grow from the unprecedented and this podcast instills in us a sense of hope in times of uncertainty

A Preview of Some of the Stars that have Graced the Flame Bearers Podcast

We can’t conclude this blog without giving you a brief look at what to expect as well as the various names to look forward to when you give our podcast a listen. These athletes, in their unique way and through their various accomplishments, have broken the stereotype of women Olympians and Paralympians.

Some notable stars at the Beijing Olympics that have featured on the Flame Bearers podcast include:

  • Valentina Margaglio – An Italian and the first woman to win a medal at the Skeleton World Cup European Championship
  • Mialitania Clerc – First Malagasy and Alpine skier
  • Mariama Jamanka –  a Germán underdog gold medal bobsled queen
  • Simidele Adeagbo – the Nigerian original sleigh queen
  • Kendall Gretsch – 3x Paralympian gold medalist, one of few athletes to compete in both the Tokyo and Beijing games in the space of 6 months

Wrapping Up

If you’ve ever been curious about what goes on in the lives of women Olympians and Paralympians, how they made it through to where they are, their journeys, their struggles, the lessons they learned, and every other detail that goes beyond the surface of their sporting experience, go on now and give the Flame Bearers podcast a listen.

Photo by M.T ElGassier