Five ways to guarantee you hired the WRONG bathroom renovator

Considering updating your home’s bathroom? Maybe you already have the project planned out and might be starting any day now on demolition.
Your home’s bathroom is a hugely important space, with plumbing, electrical, and structural challenges all rolled into a small space, so it’s critically important to make sure the job is done right.

Here are five things commonly overlooked by homeowners, that will ensure they will hire the WRONG bathroom contractor for the job.

1. Don’t do any pre-screening
When searching for a renovator for any home project, it’s important to screen multiple candidates before hiring. Ensure they know what they’re doing, they specialize in not only the type of renovation you want, but also the aesthetic style, and that they have a good track record with their past customers.

2. Don’t check references
This renovator you hired may have come highly recommended by a friend or family member, but it’s important to check with their past clients and get a real sense of the business. See what they have to say about their experience, if they’re still happy with the bathroom to remodel, and if they’d hire that bathroom renovation company again.
Check online reviews that the business can’t manipulate such as Google, Home Advisor, or HomeStar reviews, see what customers are saying about them online before hiring. Do they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have any complaints about their past work?
Not checking into the business’s history and references before hiring is a great way to end up with a subpar remodel.

3. Don’t do any check of the contractors’ insurance
As mentioned in our intro, your bathroom has challenges that are exclusive to that area of the home. Not only is there more plumbing in the bathroom than in a kitchen, and also larger drains for sewage. Combine that with electrical outlets and lighting that needs to be properly wired and rated to be safe in an area with higher humidity, where it could possibly come in contact with water, and you have an area of the home that is easily prone to damages.
Hiring a contractor without valid or adequate insurance is a surefire way to find yourself on the hook for damages caused by improper installation or fixtures, leaking plumbing behind walls, backing up sewer lines from improper venting and grade. Always check the contractor’s insurance before hiring, and ensure it’s a policy with, at a bare minimum, two million in liability coverage.

4. Don’t ask about warranties

A company that is confident in the quality of its work is likely to offer a warranty. Not asking or checking if a contractor offers a warranty on their bathroom renovation can leave you stuck with a renovation that needs to be redone again on your own dime in only a couple of years due to subpar work and low-quality materials. Ask if the remodeler offers a warranty on both materials and labor.

5. Don’t check for a contractors license

Ensure that the business you hire is actually licensed and registered to do the kind of work you’re asking of them. Make sure it isn’t some fly-by-night operation without the skills, training, and know-how to actually get the job done right.

6. (Bonus) Always go with the cheapest bid

It can be so enticing to stop your search for a renovator when a bid comes in lower than you expected or was hoping for.
But cheapest doesn’t always mean the best. While yes, they may be the cheapest because they have the best connections and rates on materials and fixtures, they may also be the cheapest because they cut corners, you shoddy materials, and simply don’t get the job done right. When it comes to renovations, if you get something renovated for extra cheap, you’ll often need to get it renovated twice.

Following the steps above will guarantee that you hire the WRONG bathroom renovator for the job, so we highly advise you to take precautions to protect yourself and your home from poor quality work, and unscrupulous contractors.
Check references, look at past work history, check for warranties, licenses, certifications, and remember that even if the bid is the cheapest, it might be cheap for a reason.

When it comes to knowing what to look for in the right company, we recommend checking out this Bathroom Renovation Contractor.