Five Tips For Taking Care of Your Dining Tables and More


Do you have a dining room table sitting around the house that other family members mention how it has passed through the generations before you? You need to take care of something like that. Dining room table sets that have passed through the generations are considered(by many) to be family heirlooms.

These pieces have been known to last a long time.

It does not matter whether the wood has been purchased using or some other location; you still need to take care of it. That way, you can pass it to your children and your children’s children.

Five Tips On Taking Care of Your Small Dining Table Set and Other Assorted Dining Tables

1) Please, do not mistreat the wood. That is why a lot of experts recommend you use coasters when you sit on the table. They are not trying to be rude or snobby(although, some might act that way), they are trying to send a message.

Do you plan on throwing a dinner party later? You need to use a potholder if the food is still hot when you serve it. The heat will work its way through the wood. I know it sounds kind of tacky, but try to get in the habit of using placemats. Once again, I know they look tacky, but the placemats help preserve the wood.

Try to find placemats that go with the wood if you are that concerned about how it will look.

2) The next maintenance tip includes something most do not like to do, dusting. Dusting is a necessary evil. Dusting is not just about the esthetic, but it is also about your health. Dust bunnies are created when you let something sit for too long, especially wood. That can cause problems, particularly if you have asthma or other health issues.

One layer of dust can cause scratches on the surface, You should invest in some soft cloths, or an old t-shirt works great too. You should use lambswool if you need to reach some of those hard-to-reach areas.

3) Dusting is not going to be enough for some of those older dining room table sets. You might need to use cleaner to get the tougher spots. I do not recommend using all-purpose, though. I have also made that mistake too.

Take some mild detergent that you have an excess of. Dip your cloth into the detergent, and ring the cloth out well. You do not want to have it drip onto the surface. Wipe the cloth across the trouble spots.

Take another soft cloth with warm water and wipe the surface. The last thing you will want to do is take a dry cloth to finish. The idea is to get the spot clean without leaving watermarks on the wood. Watermarks will create future issues for your wood.

4) Do you have a bottle of Old English lying around the house? I love that stuff. You can use it for the minor wear and tear stuff. What the Old English does is it hides the abrasions. Your wood will go back to its regular beauty.

What happens if the washing and wiping are not enough?

Sometimes the cloth wipes and the Old English varnish just do not do the trick because you need something stronger. That is when you buy some paint. Try to find some paint varnish that is the same color or close to the original color as you can get it.

Painting over the trouble areas will save you a lot of time and money. Sometimes you have to let a professional look at your dining table set. That might be a necessary step, especially if you want to keep the dining room table. Family heirlooms are very hard to come by nowadays, particularly when the materials are no longer available.

That is why talking to a professional might be your best bet if you cannot get the stains out yourself.

5) How old is your table or table set? You may have to re-wax the wood. Wood begins to lose its initial texture as it ages. Sometimes you need to re-wax to protect the wood and finish. You will need a steel wool, a Scotch-Brite pad, and a soft cloth.

Remember, you never let the wax set for more than twenty minutes.

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