Five Things You Can Discover From A DNA Home Testing Kit

DNA testing from home is a growing trend across the world as more and more of us look to be further informed on our genes and family history.

The popularity of shows such as Who Do You Think You Are? and the stories they tell are making more of us look to investigate, picking up do-it-yourself ancestry or DNA testing kit and discovering more.

You’ll find dozens available on the market today, with the likes of and 23andMe particularly popular.

There are variations between them, offering different things. So knowing what sort of information you wish to receive is important as well as noting the differences in Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe.

So, what can you uncover from a DNA home testing kit?

You Can Create A Family Tree

Most people take a DNA test to help paint a clearer picture of their family history. Inspired by television,you can uncover all manner of interesting tales from your family tree, all the while educating yourself and your family.

One of the best reasons to catalogue your family history is for the future generations who will follow you. That is something they can then build upon, keeping the stories of your great grandparents and beyond alive.

You can find all manner of information with a family tree, much of which can really inspire and give you a drive to follow in their footsteps.

Alternatively, it’s important to be aware that not all ancestry tests have happy endings. The British Prime Minister David Cameron, for example, discovered a distant relative in fact kept slaves. You really do never quite know what could come up.

You Can Discover Ancestors You Never Knew Existed

What you will undoubtedly discover is ancestors you really never know existed. What’s more, you may even uncover relatives that are still alive today.

They often reveal distant cousins, many of whom it’s possible to get in touch with via social media. In many cases it starts a lifelong friendship and brings the family closer and more together.

You even occasionally see news stories about long lost siblings finally being reunited thanks to dna testing. There really are some incredible stories out there. Yours could well be one of them.

You Can Find If You’re Prone To Any Particular Illness

One of the most important reasons to take a DNA testing kit is for your health. While these kits shouldn’t be a replacement for your GP, the ease of using them provides a good way to test the water and ultimately be the first step before seeing your doctor should you get any worrying results.

DNA tests can unveil hereditary illnesses and trends of disease and illness that run in the family. This can be a positive step in being diagnosed early and avoiding any problems later in life, whether that be through taking medication or simply changing your diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

For example, if your family has a high percentage of deaths involving heart disease, it could encourage you to avoid fatty foods and maintain a well-balanced diet.

You Can Discover If You’re Carrying A Gene Abnormality

Additionally, while you may find that you’re fine, you may discover you are the carrier of an abnormal gene that could potentially harm your children and theirs in the future.

There are a number of genetic illnesses that can be passed on. They may be dormant for you but can be passed on and can lead to children being diagnosed.

Down Syndrome is perhaps the most notable condition caused by a defective gene being passed on and is caused by an extra chromosome.

You Can Tailor A Fitness Plan To Suit Your Genetic Makeup

Interestingly, more and more athletes and fitness enthusiasts are analysing their genetic make-up to understand what sort of workouts are most beneficial to both improve performance and avoid injury.

A number of Premier League teams and players use this method to personalise training sessions to get the very best out of them.

That can be adapted to your own fitness plans.

For examples, if your gene profile suggests you are more likely to show signs of muscle growth and improved fitness from short, sharp workouts, then base the majority of your workouts on this.

Equally, if your genetic make up suggests you’re susceptible to certain muscle injuries, tailor your workouts so you’re not putting too much pressure on that area regularly. Plan rest days and ensure there’s always enough time to recover.

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