Five Reasons to Add Algae Oil to your Meals

Health and beauty products are ever-changing and brands are constantly coming out with new ways to keep you looking and feeling young and fresh.

One of the newest, and most unlikely, health product success stories is algae oil.

While algae often gets a bad rap for being that green gunk that grows in lakes, it is in fact a super power ingredient in boosting your health. This is because the algae oil is jam-packed with omega-3 acids that provide.

That is why incorporating algae oil into your daily routine is an easy way to give your body an extra boost with a natural supplement.

Not yet convinced that algae oil is for you? We are here to show you just how incredible algae oil is and why you need this in your life asap!

1. It’s like fish oil, but better

Fish oil has long been considered to be a great source of getting omega-3 into your diet. But did you know that fish are rich in omega-3 because they actually eat algae! So, in a sense, algae oil gives you one of the purest sources of omega-3 and can act as a more powerful supplement than fish oil because of it. Some research is showing that it is also a more sustainable option because  it eliminates the need to actually fish to get the nutrient-rich oils.

2. It’s better for your digestive system

Many studies are showing that people who use algae oil over fish oil have better digestive health. This is mainly due to the fact that algae oil offers a much more pure form of omega-3 than fish oil. However, that goes without saying that each person will react differently to algae and fish oil and that if you are wanting to decide between the two, make sure to consult your doctor first!

3. It is a great alternative for vegans

While being a vegan has many benefits, one of the most common health impacts they experience is being undernourished with essential fats such as omega-3. This is because many vegans and even vegetarians do not eat fish in their diet. As a result, your nutrition will be lacking essential fats to remain healthy. Algae oil is an alternative to fish oil that vegans can enjoy because it doesn’t come from an animal! That is why algae oil is such a great alternative for vegans.

4. It can help with high blood pressure

If you are someone that suffers from high blood pressure, integrating algae oil into your daily diet may be a great way to help alleviate that in a natural way. Often, those with high blood pressure are able to take a greater dose of algae oil to ensure that the high blood pressure is catered for.

5. It is best consumed with a meal

Many health experts recommend taking algae oil with a meal that is also rich in fat. This way, the oil can be more easily consumed by the body and not disrupt your digestive system as much. But in regards to what meal of the day you do that with, it is entirely up to you! So you can make algae oil part of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or even as part of your snack time!

Algae oil is a great natural supplement for ensuring that your body gets the omega-3 fatty oils that it needs. The supplement is recommended by many health experts because it is a safe supplement that is actually very difficult to overdose on.

So what are you waiting for? With so many great benefits to enjoy from algae oil, there really is no reason to not integrate the supplement with meal time!