Five Quick Tips For Dating A Woman With Kids

Dating any woman is quite a handful for many men. Throw a kid or two into the mix and most men will be running away before you can say ‘Hello’.

When you are dating someone the key is to give it time. Invest your time in a meaningful relationship by getting to know the person better and also letting the person know you.

However, dating a single mother is a whole different ball game. Not to make it sound any scarier than it already is, but there are a few things you will do good to keep in mind if you want to date a single mother.

Broaden Your Mind

Just because a woman has kids doesn’t mean she is not eligible to date. On the contrary, she is as eager to go out on a date with a nice man like any other woman without kids. First and foremost you need to open your mind to the prospect of dating a woman with kids.

While most men are put off by the idea of kids, you need to stand out from the crowd by being different from most men. It will not only make you endearing to her but also increase your dating prospects.

Take It In Your Stride

How you deal with kids is of paramount importance. Being able to handle kids shows maturity and it will help you out in future dating prospects. If you are good with kids then you are more likely to get a lot more dates.

Another point to keep in mind is that more often than not single mothers find it a lot more difficult to get dates than a woman without kids. So naturally, they are more eager than you are to go on a date which can work pretty well for you. Be supportive of her and try to adjust your dates by working around her schedule.

Time And Space

You have to accept that her kids are the most important aspect of her life and it is quite natural for her to spend more time with them than with you. If you are not ready to adjust your time according to her or accept the limitations in her schedule then this is a good time to back out.

Half the time she will be busy with her kids, taking them to school, picking them up, taking them to lessons or soccer practice and cooking dinner for them. If you can be there for her in the few hours she has for herself then you will make a great partner.

Be Yourself

This point cannot be stressed enough. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. If you are not ready to take up the responsibility of her kids then say so outright. Do not hold back such feelings until too late.

Once you are dating there will come a time when you will have to meet her kids. Let her decide when the time is right. She knows her kids better than you do and she will be the best judge of the perfect time. If you are impatient then you are not cut out for dating single mothers.

Kids Ahoy!

Again, when it is time for meeting the kids do not try to act like someone you are not. Never try to cozy up to them or impress them or buy them presents. Doing so will not help your case as you will look like you are trying too hard to win them over. It may be a bitter pill to swallow but the kids will naturally not trust you at first. They will view you as an outsider who is trying to upset the status quo. Give them the time and opportunity to get to know you. Be yourself and try to hold back instead of forcing yourself on them. With time they will get to know you and warm up to you.

As mentioned many times earlier, patience will be your secret weapon. Treat your woman well and you will win her kids over. Like any other woman a single mother too wants to be pampered and has not lost the fire of romance. Treat her like any other woman and prepare yourself for the unexpected.

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