Five Go-To Self Care Tips For Anyone On A Budget

The concept of self-care has become a popular topic in recent years. With so much content out there and so much marketing too it can be hard to parse out the good from the bad. What actually is self-care? How does one practice self-care? We are here to help answer those questions.

Self-care is a term used to describe behaviors and habits you can develop to take care of your physical, spiritual, and psychological health. Self-care can look different for everyone. What one person considers grounding, relaxing, or calming might not work for the next person. We have rounded up some universally helpful self-care tips that can start you down the right track.

  1. Put your phone down! Start small by consciously taking thirty minutes where you put your phone down. You can take this time to do anything you want to do. If you have been meaning to journal, read a new book, or start a new hobby now is the time. Make this time away from your phone uninterrupted me time. You can meditate, reconnect with an old friend, or start a new TV show. There are so many positive ways you can use that time. Self care is about using your time in a way that benefits you so keep that in mind.
  2. Set aside wind down time before you go to bed. This doesn’t mean putting down your phone, which can be helpful to get you in the right mindset for sleep. This also means that you do something to relax before bed. Lighting a few candles, turning down the lights in your bedroom, and doing a relaxing activity can help make this time feel calm.
  3. Eat a healthy meal at least once a day. Making yourself a healthy meal no matter how quickly you put it together. Taking a couple moments to cook yourself a simple lunch or healthy dinner. Eating a well balanced meal with lots of vegetables and healthy proteins to feel full.
  4. Check an item off your to-do list. Take a moment to clean something. Even just tidying up one countertop, sweeping your kitchen out, or doing a load of dishes can help you feel more in control. Sometimes if life feels overwhelming completing one single task can help get you on a roll to completing more tasks. Going through your to-do list is a helpful way to make life feel less overwhelming. Knowing you can conquer a task large or small can be quite relaxing.
  5. Make new connections and phone a friend. Whether self care for you means reaching out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or giving grandma a call to chat. Reconnecting with people and trying to deepen a connection can be a monuments act of self care. Even sharing a nice text conversation or short call with a friend can energize you.

Sometimes it may seem that self-care is all about buying the next hot item. From updating your skincare routine with new oils and serums to buying a new wardrobe these things can of course provide comfort or help you be true to yourself. You can celebrate yourself by buying a new custom necklace or gold necklace but you can also treat yourself to a day of window shopping. Practicing self-care doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Self-care is about preserving your mental health and maintaining your physical health. It is especially important to practice self-care in times of emotional stress or turmoil. From expressing yourself to doing what you love being who you are is an act of self-care as well. Be honest with yourself about what makes you happy and healthy. Then take action to make sure you are including self-care in your daily routine.

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