Five Custom Holiday Gifts For Your List

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration. They can also prove to be challenging, especially when it comes to buying for certain people on your list. What do you get the people who have everything? How can you give a gift without seeming too impersonal?

Custom gifts are the best way to show the people on your list that you care about them. Here are five custom holiday gifts the recipients on your list will love.

DIY Custom T-Shirts

Custom shirts are a great way to make a statement and showcase your personality in a fun and fresh way. Whether you opt for quotes from favored pop culture references or quotes relevant to your friend’s existence, custom shirts are a fun, easy custom gift.

Rather than having someone make the gifts for you, consider taking a DIY approach. Invest in a good vinyl cutting machine for t shirts and start creating. If you’ve been looking for a way to make extra money during the holiday season, creating custom pieces with a vinyl cutter is a profitable side-hustle project. You can also use these tools to create custom wine glasses, dishes, and yoga mats.

Instagram-Inspired Photo Art

There’s something about square images that spark love and joy in the hearts of Instagrammers. If you have a social media aficionado on your list, create a custom Instagram-inspired art piece.

Print square photos and arrange them on a canvas or in a frame in the shape of a heart. Choose pictures that have meaning or favorites from times you’ve spent together. There are various services to use that can pull images directly from Instagram to create tiles or blocks if you want to go a different route.

Moon Phase Necklace

Witchy-inspired and spiritual gifts are making a comeback this year. A moon phase necklace is perfect for the crystal-loving star child on your list. This custom piece frames a photo of the moon in a charm. The customization is based on the date you choose: the image will reflect the lunar phase on that date.

The options for moon phase necklaces are endless. Choose your anniversary date, the date you met, or keep it simple with a birthday. If you’re lucky, the particular time you choose will be a new moon, which is often shown as a negative image and very unique.

Custom Shampoo and Conditioner

What works for one person’s hair might not work for another. Having custom shampoo and conditioner created for someone on your list is a unique way to show you care. It’s also a fun recurring gift that can last all year long.

When creating custom shampoo and conditioner, look for a provider that prioritizes eco-friendly ingredients. You’ll be asked a series of questions regarding the type of hair (curly, straight, wavy), the texture (fine, coarse), and the goals (hydration, anti-frizz, straightening). Work through the questionnaire to design a custom treatment that will nourish your loved one’s locks.

Pet Portrait

Pets are a valued member of the family. If you have a cat mom or dog dad in your family, a custom pet portrait is a perfect gift. The options for customization are endless. You can select one of their favorite photos using a service like Instapainting to have an artist recreate it in oils or acrylics. Alternatively, you can make it fun by having their pet turned into royalty with a Renaissance-inspired portrait.

There are many other ways to create customized pet gifts, from mugs to tote bags. No matter which option you choose, the recipient will love it.

Creating custom gifts is an affordable way to give someone something unique. Treat your friends and loved ones to a custom gift this year to show them how much they matter to you.

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