Five benefits of free-range sausage meat

Everyone knows that sausages are a timeless classic in any British household. From the heartiest of English Breakfasts to a warming plate of Sausage and Mash smothered in onion gravy, it goes without saying that the humble sausage certainly has a place in all of our hearts!

But did you know, free-range sausages are beneficial not only for our taste buds but also can be beneficial for our health? All the more reason to give our free range sausage meat a go! If you need any further persuasion into giving sausage meat a go this month, look no further!

We want to get the message to the masses: sausages are indeed good for you! So, here are just a few points to explain why you shouldn’t be too quick to judge this often maligned meat product.

It’s a healthy source of protein

With Summer well on the way, we’re all keen to get back to looking our best. In order to gain muscle and for those looking to be toned and full of vitality, keeping up that muscle density is going to be desirable. Some scientists recommend 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day – and so free-range sausages with a high meat content can be a great option. Packed full of not only protein but also plenty of flavour, sausages can be a valuable asset in your meal plans. If you thought that the only way to put on muscle mass was to devour 10 boiled eggs a day; think again.

Small-scale farming, better quality of life

Choosing free-range products not only results in a tastier product for you to enjoy, but also promotes animal welfare in the farming sector. Animals that are reared in a free range environment – from pigs to chickens to cows – enjoy a better quality of life and ultimately make for more flavoursome cuts of meat. There is much to be said for a stress-free, healthy and spacious environment when it comes to raising animals for meat products. Where possible, look for small-scale British farms with a strong focus on ethical processes, such as those you can find through the Dorset Meat Company.

Feel healthy, look healthy!

Free-range pork has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which reportedly help to fight depression and anxiety and improve overall eye health. Pork also has high levels of selenium, which is hugely beneficial for your immune system. Given the year we’ve just had, this is undoubtedly an important consideration in 2021.

Not only this, but the benefits will show on the outside, too! Pork has high levels of Vitamin B3, which also goes by the name of Niacin. This is hugely helpful for promoting healthy skin and hair.

Iron rich

Iron deficiency anaemia is commonplace amongst children, women and vegetarians. Causes for this include a lack of iron in your day-to-day diet. One way to amend this, is start eating more red meat! Pork is extremely iron-rich, and a great way of combating nasty complications of iron deficiency anaemia, such as heart and growth problems.


Are you tired of the same, boring day-to-day meals? There are countless options for you when eating free-range sausage meat. Whether you fancy making a classic sausage roll, a nutritious casserole, or your famous spaghetti and meatballs recipe, sausages are always a crowd pleaser.

Whilst sausages are commonly considered an unhealthy meal time option, the truth is that the quality of the meat is what determines its nutritional value and taste. So, get some quality bangers incorporated into your next meal plan now.

Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash