Five Advanced ways to find out who’s calling you

Nowadays, receiving a call from a strange or unknown cell phone number is quite common. It is not safe to answer a call when you don’t know who it is that is calling you. Technological advancement in the communication field has availed tools to unscrupulous people who can use them to deceive you into receiving calls from them. For example spammers use neighborhood spoofing to emulate a caller ID number that emanates from your local vicinity. Below are ways that will assist you to unveil the caller at the opposite end so that you can only pick calls that are safe to you:

Use Google search

The Google search engine will reveal the owner of the mysterious cell phone number. All you need to do is to key in the number and let it carry out the search. The search will yield a website that you must to visit to find out the owner of the number. Access to this website is at a set fee. Google search does not always give very accurate results and in some cases you may hit a dead end.

Carry out a Reverse Phone Lookup

The National Cellular Directory has a website that deals exclusively with reverse phone lookups. Reverse phone lookup is a collection of cell phone numbers together with linked names and addresses. A user of this system has the privilege of using an inclusive search engine to retrieve a caller’s details. It is quick; you can get the results in less than one minute. Another plus for the system is that it rewards its users with a daily free hour search.

Use the Social Media to search for a phone number

A good number of people include their phone number as part of their Facebook personal profile. Just open your Facebook page and key in the caller’s number under the search bar: the resulting popup will display his/her number. If the number was once shared in the Facebook post it will also be displayed. You can also use Snap chat. Save the mysterious number into your phonebook and then proceed to the Add Friends menu, a refreshed contact list will reveal his/her name.

Verify using Spam Call Websites

A spam call website lists cell phone numbers that have been reported as spam calls. If you have received an unknown call then a search through the website can reveal if it is a spam call. The following websites offer spam call search lists: Mr Number, Every Caller and Should I Answer.

TrueCaller App

Download the TrueCaller app from your android phone’s Play Store. For you to use this app your phone should have one of the following: Yahoo, Facebook or Gmail. Because these social media sites have vast numbers of phone numbers the TrueCaller servers have a large database of numbers available for a comprehensive search. With your phone being online, the app allows you to search for the unknown’s number contact information. It enables you to spot incoming calls and block calls that are not in your contact list.


Unnecessary phone calls from spammers can be irritating especially if there is a possibility of your number ending up in a call list that you have not signed up for. The above techniques which have been exhaustively described will assist you in keeping that unknown caller at bay.

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