First Time Boob Job Guide: What to Expect

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as a boob job, is a type of cosmetic procedure that is carried out to enhance the size, shape, and appearance of a woman’s breasts. It can be performed on women who have naturally small breasts, have sagging breasts due to age or weight loss, or uneven breasts. Breast implants can boost women’s self-esteem, as it makes people feel more comfortable in their clothes, more feminine, and more confident in their appearance. If you are planning on getting breast augmentation surgery for the first time, here is what you should expect from the procedure. 


Following the rules over the days and weeks after your boob job is key to successful recovery. It is important to remember that even though the rules are the same, the recovery process will differ among individuals. During the first 2-3 days, many patients will experience some discomfort. This can be managed by taking pain medication. Bruising and swelling should be expected. Over the following weeks, patients will be able to become more active and return to work (as long as it isn’t physically demanding). Chest exercise should be avoided for 6 weeks.

Full Recovery 

It will take around 6 weeks for your breast implants to settle and for your body to fully recover from breast augmentation surgery. The pain and swelling should have subsided and many physical activities can carry on like normal. It will be possible to sleep on your side and stomach and wearing an underwire or push-up bra will be safe. A good surgeon and facility will give you all of the information you need about the recovery process and the surgery itself. This is why you should consider getting your first time boob job with SpaMedica.

Pain Management 

It is completely normal for patients to experience pain and discomfort post-surgery. After your operation, your surgeon will prescribe you suitable pain medication which will help you feel comfortable over the following days. A reputable surgeon will do everything they can to ensure you feel relaxed and experience minimal pain. You must listen to their advice for a smooth and safe recovery. Getting enough sleep can be difficult for some patients, but it is important to do what you can to get a sufficient amount of rest. 

Expect Scars 

Just like any form of invasive surgery, scars are to be expected from breast augmentation. It is common for patients to be concerned about post-surgery scarring, but the scars will naturally fade over time. A skilled plastic surgeon will have the ability to minimize the scarring by placing the incision in an area that isn’t too visible. For example, an incision around the areola line or under the breast fold will be hard to notice. Following the recovery protocol is crucial. Not only will it lower the risk of infection, but it will also reduce the appearance of scars

Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure that will require mental and physical preparation and recovery. You must get all of the information that you need and want from your surgeon. It will take a while to fully recover, but the results will make the entire process worthwhile.

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