First Day Of School? Make 15 Unique Apples For The Teacher

The new school year is finally here and for many children it is the very first day of school. But the kids aren’t the only ones anxious about entering a new stage of education. Parents are usually way more excited and anxious than their child, so they are always on the lookout for a way for their child to leave a good impression on the teacher.

In the past, each pupil would bring an apple for the teacher. That tradition may be over, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still use it in a more modern way, especially if you are willing to take on some cute little crafting projects.

Here are 16 fun and clever things you can do so little first grader can still give a not so ordinary apple to the teacher.

1. Paper Cup Apple Gift Wrap


DIY via

2. Decorative Paper Apple

Decorative Paper Apple

DIY via

3. Apple Clay Jar

Apple Clay Jar

DIY via

4. “Apple For The Teacher” Fridge Magnet Gift

Apple for the teacher fridge magnet gift

DIY via

5. Apple Shaped Gift Box

Apple Shaped Gift Box

DIY via

6. Apple Pom Pom Keychain

Apple Pom Pom Keychain

DIY via

7. Apple Ornament with Gift Card Pocket

Apple Ornament with Gift Card Pocket

DIY via

8. DIY Apple Jar

apple jar

DIY via

9. Upcycled Apple Canister

Upcycled Apple Canister

DIY via

10. Apple Core Spool Card

Apple Core Spool Card

DIY via

11. Plastic Bottle Apple Containers

Plastic Bottle Apple Containers

DIY via

12. Glitter Apple Pin

Glitter Apple Pin

DIY via

13. Apple Cuff Bracelet

Apple Cuff Bracelet

DIY via

14. Wood Slice Apple Pendant

Wood Slice Apple Pendant

DIY via

15. Apple Sachet


DIY via

All of these DIY apples will put your kid in the teacher’s good kid’s book, guaranteed.

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