Finding Yourself Once Again: 7 Things You Can Do to Set Your Mind Straight After a Disappointment or Loss

Life is not easy for many people, and it is filled with many difficult moments that truly test a person’s strength and well-being. Loss and failures are a big part of life, yet they are challenging to deal with. Everyone faces moments when they don’t achieve specific goals regardless of the best effort they put forth. However, understanding how to move forward after experiencing disappointment or loss is very important. Below is a closer look at seven different you can do to overcome certain hardships you face.

Seek Professional Help

One of the best things a person going through a difficult time can do is to speak with a counselor. Many people seek grief counseling in parker co for one reason or another. Counselors are equipped to listen and to offer various advice to help the person deal with everything that is bothering them. They provide much-needed support and various exercises and tools to help the person understand their feelings and to cope with them in a healthy and positive way.

Face the Reality of the Situation

Denial is a stage that many people get stuck on for a long period of time. Although denial is a part of the grieving process, staying in it for a long time can have negative effects on a person and their healing. For example, if a person is in denial, then they are not making any progress in terms of being able to solve the problem or making peace with the loss they have endured. The best thing to do is to think about the situation long enough to understand how it is making you feel and what would be the best way to respond to it.

Allow Yourself to Mourn

Mourning is a natural step in the grieving process and should be treated as so. Take time to mourn (in a healthy way) your loss by writing in a journal or speaking with a friend or family member. Mourning allows the person time to reflect on their situation, as well as giving them time to reflect on it and to make plans to move forward in the future. When mourning, do not set a specific amount of time to be over it, but also, don’t take months wallowing in your feelings. Getting back to a normal routine is the best thing for a person to regain control of their life.

Get Closure

Getting closure in some situations will help a person to move on from a loss or disappointment they have encountered. Closure does not necessarily mean that you stop thinking about the person you have lost, but it can mean that their death does not take over your life, but that you celebrate their life and hold happy memories of that person. For other situations, writing an email, having a conversation, or packing things away may help. The closure comes in many forms, and the situation at hand will determine what type of closure a person needs to accept and move on from the situation.

Know That it is Not the End For You

Losing a loved one or enduring a large disappointment leaves the person wondering how they will ever get through this. Many times, the loss of a loved one leaves a person wondering how they are going to live without them. If you did not get your dream job, you are left wondering how you will ever feel fulfilled again or what your new dream will look like. Although these are normal feelings, you must remember that you are still alive and breathing. You will find a way to move on from the loss of a loved one, and you will find a new dream to chase.

Find Ways to Relieve Stress

Anxiety is something that everyone must deal with in order to be able to cope with the various stressors of life. Finding something that you enjoy doing will be very helpful in times of doubt, pain, and loss. Examples include listening to music, walking, meditating, taking a long bath, watching t.v., exercising, and so much more. Finding things to keep you calm throughout the day will help you in dealing with stress and disappointment.

Write Down Your Feelings

Keeping a journal is very therapeutic for many people because it allows you to write everything down that you are feeling without feeling judged. Keeping a journal is something private for you to share with yourself or others around you. People feel very free when they write down their feelings and thoughts. Through the act of writing, many people will get the clarity they need to understand their situation, or to allow themselves to grieve what they have lost.

The Benefits of Seeing a Counselor

Seeing a counselor will recommend many of the above coping mechanisms we touched upon and more. A counselor is trained and experienced when it comes to various issues people are dealing with. The counselor will not only listen, but they will give different helpful advice and exercises for one to do to help them get a hold of their feelings. Counselors know that each person that comes to them is different and they will use various tools and exercises to help them get through whatever issues they may have.

When looking for a counselor, talk to family and friends and see if they have a recommendation. Once you have a couple of names to look into, do an online search to see if their practice interests you. From there, make an appointment to visit and to talk to them. This will give you an idea if you would like to continue with them or not.

Life is beautiful, but it is also very disappointing at times. People will lose loved ones and will encounter many disappointments throughout their lifetimes. Knowing how to deal with the negative aspects one endures is very important as it will affect the rest of their lives. Talk to a therapist so that they can give you the tools and exercises you need to help you overcome anything.

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