Finding your Ideal Street-Style with Nine Clothing Styles

The style of clothing of each one is in charge of defining part of our personality. We always choose looks that are consistent with ourselves, with whom we feel comfortable and of course, we adapt trends as long as they fit within our most personal style. It is the key to getting the most out of our outfits and our wardrobe. Minimalist, classic, chic, preppy and romantic, etc… Which one do you identify with?

Classic Clothing Style

The classic style is synonymous with good taste. A tailor or a suit jacket can be the two most feminine and sophisticated pieces possible. The wardrobe is always our best ally for every moment: A little black dress, a white shirt, jeans, black pants, and timeless basics as well as classics that always have to be part of our wardrobe. The classic style is a perfect clothing style for working girl looks and cocktail events and iKrush, a women’s online clothing offers you these best dresses.

Sporty Chic Clothing Style

Another style of clothing that is gaining strength is sporty chic. For those who love comfortable garments, the sporty style is its best representative. The key is to know how to mix neater garments with some of a sports type and complete with sneakers, a shoe that is becoming more and more powerful on a day-to-day basis. Some leggings with heels, a sweatshirt and a pencil skirt, or a tulle skirt with a cotton shirt are some of the examples with which to achieve a comfortable and outstanding outfit.

Romantic Clothing Style

Romantic colors, tulle, and chiffon are the protagonists of the romantic clothing style. If you are a flirtatious girl and lover of delicate garments, without a doubt the romantic look is your best choice. Embroidered details and ruffles are in charge of decorating this style of clothing that has protagonists such as flowing skirts combined with chiffon blouses, dresses with floral prints in discreet tones, and flowing dresses with lace.

Boho Style

The bohemian look is one of the classic clothing styles that never fails in any fashionista’s wardrobe. A trend that sets style in summer and winter. Maxi or mini boho chic dresses, with romantic touches or ethnic prints, are the great winners to achieve an outstanding outfit of this style that has become the most desirable casual. White lace or crochet designs with details of tassels and fringes, and flowing maxi dresses with flower prints, combined with cowboy boots and maxi earrings, are the keys to the boho style.

Fashion with a Minimalist Touch

Simplicity and sobriety are synonymous with minimalist clothing. Uniforms with a plain, austere appearance in black or white, with functional cuts and an uncomplicated silhouette. It is an elegant example of less is more (those who are bored will not appreciate it), providing elegance without having to use so many words. The collection includes cocktail dresses, suits, vests, wide-leg pants, and pants with wide legs.

Grunge Clothing Style

Style manual for those who want to achieve a grunge look. Sweatshirts, bombers, t-shirts of your favorite group, maxi dresses, all in dark tones, along with a biker or denim jacket and martins boots … it is all you need to have in your wardrobe to be number one in this style of clothing. A combination of masculine, rock, and, of course, teenager aesthetics.

Preppy Clothing Style

The preppy look always triumphs, between the youthful and the avant-garde, the style keys of this versatile trend lie in the schoolgirl, nautical and British college outfits. Cable-knit jumpers, checkered prints, mini-skirts of tables, and uniform-type blazers are the most representative garments. Brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, or Burberry perfectly represent this style of clothing.

Fashion Clothing Style

Addicted to fashion and fans of the latest trends. The fashion style is that suffered. The street-style that look in the latest fashion because they are aware of everything that the catwalks and it-girls dictate, the best example of fashion style.

Hipster Clothing Style

The hipster clothing style is far from the latest trends. Indie garments, rockers, and sometimes with a vintage touch, they are very fond of second-hand garments, where jeans combined with t-shirts and the hat as a star accessory take on special prominence. The overlapping of garments is another of its style keys now buy online and make your personality beautiful. Don’t worry about on physical shop, iKrush, a women’s online clothing store that offers you the best clothing styles online, get all your desires now in just one visit.

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