Finding the Right Car to Suit Family Life

For a family, a car is something that will become an essential part of your daily life and therefore you need something that will be both a good fit and highly reliable. Doing the school run, driving to and from work, ferrying the kids around and shopping are just a few of the main uses that you will have for the car, so how can you go about finding the right one that is within your budget?


In terms of covering the cost of the car, you have a few options to consider:

Buy new: Buying new will be the most expensive option but will give you the greatest reliability along with the best features, performance, tech etc but deprecation will be an issue.

Buy used: Buying used is significantly cheaper and you can get much more for your money, plus there are many used cars to browse online that are suitable for family choice so it should not be too hard to find the right one that is within your budget.

Financing: Finance deals allow you to spread the cost which can make it easier to manage, but keep in mind that the total amount will be higher due to interest.

Buy outright: Buying outright will prove to be more affordable in the long run, but it can be hard to pay the asking cost upfront and could make it hard to manage.

Type of Car

You also need to work out what the best type of car for your needs is. This will depend on how many kids you have, where you live and the type of journeys that you will be doing. For those with more than 3 kids, you will want to look into larger SUVs and people carriers but for those with 3 or less, you could opt for a hatchback, saloon or estate car. Once you have worked out the best type of car, you can then spend time researching the best models in each category that are within your budget.

Engine Type

Another important consideration is the engine type. Diesel will provide greater fuel efficiency if used for longer drives so it can save you money, but if you typically make shorter, town journeys then petrol could be better. Of course, there are then electrics and hybrids to consider which can reduce your cars running costs and help you to reduce your environmental impact.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to find the right car for your family’s needs and one that is within your budget. Every family is different, but there are many great cars in different categories so it should not be too hard to find one that will be a good fit with your lifestyle and be reliable.