Find the perfect partner according to Chinese astrology

Are you drawn to a rat or are you a dog’s best friend? We help you find your perfect match in Chinese astrology .

The Rat

Charming and sociable, the Rat personality needs a partner who can appreciate their great need to be admired and praised. A Rat doesn’t like to dominate or be dominated.

Passionate and committed in love, Rats cannot do things halfway, and get deeply involved in any relationship.

The Rat personality gets along best with the Monkey and the Dragon and scores 10 on 10 in compatibility ratings with these two signs. The outgoing and intelligent Monkey with its unique personality meets the Rat halfway whereas the charismatic and magnetic Dragon is the perfect match for the Rat. The overpowering personality of the Dragon is a fantastic backdrop for the Rat personality to express itself

The Ox

The stable and dependable Ox wants somebody to shower all their love and affection on. Gentle and shy, the Ox personality keeps its feelings hidden, and often takes time to open up. The Ox is practical and conservative and needs a partner who is either like them or compliments their personality.

The Ox is compatible with the Snake and the Rooster and scores nine on a scale of ten with both these signs. The Ox is shy and laidback whereas the Rooster is outgoing and something of a social butterfly so the Ox finds it easy to open up and be comfortable with them. The romantic nature of the Rooster also brings out the softer side of the Ox. Whereas the charismatic and the philosophical Snake enamours the Ox, who is shy, withdrawn and happiest at home.

The Tiger

Magnificent and powerful, the Tiger personality seeks a partner who can give them unadulterated love, dedication, sincerity and loyalty. A Tiger also needs partners who are incredibly intelligent and strong enough not be overshadowed by them. But the Tiger can be extremely warm and generous to close loved ones.

The Tiger personality vibes well with the Horse and the Dog, who score nine on a scale of ten in terms of compatibility. The Horse is independent, optimistic and fun loving and shares with the Tiger its zest for life, excitement and adventure. In comparison, the loyal and dependable Dog shares a warm and emotional bond with the Tiger as the latter provides them with ample security and love.

The Rabbit

This delicate, cultured and genteel sign seeks people who are looking for trust, commitment and security in a relationship.The Rabbit personality loves all the good things in life and wants somebody who can share these with them.The Rabbit likes to live life at their own pace and get along best with the Goat and the Pig.

Rabbits score nine on the compatibility scale of 10 with the Goat and the Pig. Both the Rabbit and the Goat are romantic, dreamy and have this great need to be appreciated. They also have great creativity and artistic talents, which can take them to great heights. The Pig puts a high premium on both emotional and physical security, and the Rabbit will always have more than enough to offer. Since both stress on TLC and love, they compliment each other perfectly.

The Dragon

One of the most glamourous and charismatic signs of the zodiac, the Dragon is considered a star. This personality is magnetic and impressive, and often has a string of admirers. So in effect, the best partner for the Dragon is someone who doesn’t get over-awed or threatened by them.

The best partners for the Dragon are the Rat and the Monkey – and this is the only trinity of the zodiac that scores 10 on 10 in compatibility ratings. The Rat draws strength and energy from the Dragon and basks in it. The result is an electrifying relationship. When the Dragon and the Monkey meet there’s a lot of excitement, energy and fun. This relationship succeeds because both the signs give each other a lot of breathing space.

The Snake

Wise, philosophical and intuitive, a Snake personality can see lots more than that meets the eye. Very intense and possessive in their relationships, the need to be close and yet have some breathing space marks the Snake’s requirement for a partner. The Snake personality also has a lot of magnetism and gets along very well with the Rooster and the Ox.

It scores nine on a compatibility scale of ten with both the Rooster and the Ox. The outgoing, charming and well turned out Rooster compliments the serious and enigmatic Snake and brings out an element of humour and charm in them. The Ox is full of admiration for the Snake and makes them feel wanted and comfortable in their presence.

The Horse

Happy, cheerful and enthusiastic, the Horse puts a very high premium on freedom and intelligence in their mate. Difficult to tie down, the thrill and excitement of romance is what really intrigues a Horse.

The best partner for the Horse personality is the loyal and caring Dog and the intense and passionate Tiger. The passion of the Tiger balances the Horse’s love of freedom. And the Dog teaches a few virtues like loyalty and dedication to the Horse. Though the mood swings of the Dog can be a dampener at times, the fun loving Horse balances things to make the relationship work.

The Goat

Hard working, homely and dedicated, the Goat personality is basically sensitive and emotional, and loves anything to do with the home and family. Being emotional, the Goat looks for warmth and emotional support in a relationship and is very committed and caring.
The Goat scores a compatibility rating of nine on 10 with the Pig and the Rabbit. The Goat and the Pig share the same kind of likes and love all the good things in life. Secondly, a Goat provides that emotional cushion and comfort that is so very vital to the existence of the Pig. The charming and gentle Rabbit helps cushion the insecurities of the Goat.

The Monkey

Smart and intelligent, the Monkey personality has a zest for life and is very enthusiastic. The Monkey’s sense of humour and charm makes them very popular.This personality requires a mate who can match their wit and excitement.

On the compatibility scale, the Monkey scores 10 on 10 with both the Rat and the Dragon, and generally these combinations are very powerful. The Dragon’s charisma and magnetism is offset by the charm and intelligence of the vibrant Monkey. Since both are strong personalities in their own right they share mutual admiration for each other. The outgoing Monkey finds the Rat on same wavelength. This pair often enjoys a fun filled, hectic social life.

The Rooster

Extremely good looking and charming, the Rooster is romantic to the core. The Rooster personality likes all the good things in life and is often taken up by glamour. A good looking mate who pampers them and puts then on a pedestal is a perfect match.

On the compatibility scale the Rooster scores nine on 10 with the Snake and the Ox. The Snake personality is charming and popular, and the Rooster is spellbound by its mesmeric charms. This pair is very successful in whatever they attempt because they complement each other perfectly. The stable and down-to-earth Ox will pamper and fulfill all the whims and fancies of the Rooster. This pairing is often a stable and symbiotic one.

The Dog

Loving caring and dedicated, this is one sign that is generous and selfless. A Dog’s love is unadulterated by selfishness, and is marked by loving care and devotion. A mate who cherishes them can keep them happy.

On the compatibility scale of 10 the Tiger and Horse score nine and are the best partners for the Dog. The honest and independent Horse inspires the Dog’s trust. Theirs is an honest relationship based on loyalty and trust. When paired with a Tiger, the Dog will let the Tiger hog the limelight and even encourage them. For the Dog, friendship, love and trust all merge into a wholesome and giving relationship.

The Pig

The Pig believes in living life kingsize, and generally is blessed with an abundance of luxuries. Stubborn and determined, the Pig’s love for commitment is very great. The Pig personality may even smother its loved ones with too much love, and go on to indulge even the smallest whims and fancies of their loved ones.

On a compatibility scale of 10 the Pig scores nine with both the Rabbit and the Goat. Practical, earthy and materialistic, the Pig strikes a chord with the Goat and the Rabbit with whom it can share a wonderful emotional bonding and rapport. The Rabbit brings an element of excitement into the life of the Pig.

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