Find the Best Environmentally Friendly Paper Products Online

In America alone, 1,000,000 trees worth of paper is thrown into landfills each year. As you can imagine, this is wrecking eco-systems all over the world. The world can not continue to sustain people taking that many trees a year to simply use and toss. Humans have to learn to be less wasteful and to look into alternatives for the paper that has to be used. Everyone uses paper daily and the most common way we use it is by using toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels.

Bamboo Paper

There is an alternative that is available on the market from various companies. These companies make their paper products out of one hundred percent bamboo paper. Bamboo paper is a great alternative to the traditional hardwood trees that have been used in the past to make toilet paper. The toilet paper that is made with bamboo is even softer than toilet paper that is made with other types of recycled paper. Several reasons make bamboo paper the most environmentally friendly paper choice for making paper products. 

Bamboo Grow Quickly

Bamboo is known to be the fastest-growing planet in the world. Research shows that it grows approximately 1.5 inches per minute. This makes it possible to grow bamboo a lot quicker than you can grow traditional hardwood trees. By using bamboo instead it will lead to us not having to cut down as many trees each year. This in turn means we do not leave several animals without a home. When we continue to cut down forests for paper mills we continue to ruin a whole eco-system and cause many animals to have to leave the only homes they have ever known. 

Bamboo Uses Less Resources

Bamboo is a lot easier to grow and maintain than hardwood trees. They only use a fraction of the water that trees need to thrive. They also provide thirty-five percent more oxygen than any tree can. Since they grow so tall so fast you can also use less land when you are growing bamboo. It can be harvested once a year and you do not even half to replant. Bamboo gives a lot more bang for your buck when it comes to growing and use of resources. 

Bamboo Paper Products are Better

Honestly, bamboo paper products are arguably better than their recycled paper counterparts. Bamboo paper is stronger. If you are wiping up a spill you will want the stronger towel. Also, when it comes to toilet paper you do not want it to rip why you are using it. Another important way it is better is also relevant to the toilet paper form. It makes a softer product. No one wants to use rough toilet paper. Then on top of all that it biodegrades way faster than traditional or recycled paper products. 

Finding the best environmentally friendly paper product is a must when you find out that 27,000 trees are cut down daily just to make toilet paper. A product that can not be recycled. Bamboo products are by far the best choice environmentally and the best place to find them online is at Reel Paper. Their product and packaging are even plastic-free to take the environmental benefit up to one more notch. Reel Paper will deliver there one hundred percent bamboo paper products directly to your door.

Now that you know what the most environmentally friendly choice is for paper products, you need to visit Reel Paper’s website right now and purchase some bamboo paper toilet paper and paper towels. We all have to do our part to save the planet. This is a small step you and your family can make to take care of the earth that always takes care of you.