Find Car Scratch Repair Solutions Fast

When it comes to our cars, we become too picky that we notice even the smallest scratches.

When you notice this annoying thing, you jump to the nearest car accessories store and get a scratch remover. You apply it to your car, but to your frustration, the scratch is still there.

Don’t worry; we have all passed by the same situation. More often, the problem is you are applying the wrong product to the type of scratch.

Keep reading below to know more about scratches and car scratch repair. So, the next time it happens to your or your friend’s car, you know the perfect solution.

Types of car scratches

Measured by the depth and hardness of the scratch. There are outer-layer scratches, paint scratches, and deep scratches.

Outer-layer scratches

As you might know, your car’s very outer layer is not the color of the paint you see. There is a very thin coat that protects the car’s painting from rain, sun, and other factors you have no hand in.

Paint scratches

These are deeper scratches that affected the outer layer and moved to the painting of the car. In these types, a layer of the car paint is removed, and it needs more advanced techniques to get it fixed.

Deep scratches

Deep scratches are the toughest of all. In this type, car painting is wholly removed, and the metal part of the car appears. It is usually due to an accident or someone intentionally scratches your car with a very sharp instrument.

How to fix scratches?

Depending on the type of scratch, you can decide how you will fix it. You can use a scratch remover or a car polish for the first and second types of scratches.

Outer-layer and paint scratches

Scratch removers are chemical products with wax or polymers in their structure. They also contain a polishing agent in the ingredients. These products remove the thin layer covering your car (that contains the scratch) and fill in the pores.

Car polish is a product with an abrasive feature. It is usually used to remove oxidation and swirls. Car polishing should be preceded by washing the car and removing all stains.

Other kits that might be useful in these cases are clear fillers or scratch pens. These products are simply products that add a layer to the car surface instead of the one removed by the scratch.

Deep scratches

If your car, unluckily, has the third type of scratches, you will need an advanced car scratch repair technique. The most common technique is repainting the car. It is usually done by a professional, not yourself, as he will probably use more professional tools.

Repainting itself has different methods according to the depth of the scratch. If it is not that deep, the repairing professional may use a touch-up pen or similar tools. He will first use sandpaper to remove the excess painting for deeper scratches and then fill in or cover the scratched part with a repainting tool.

While most scratches are not your fault, you can help prevent, to an extent, part of these scratches. Think of applying a paint protection coat to your car. Some of these coats are easy and affordable to apply an automotive wax, while others are more costly than ceramic coating.

According to your car’s current condition and budget, you can decide what type of coating you may apply to your car. Bear in mind that these coats won’t completely prevent scratches, even the most expensive of them. However, they will decrease their effects to a great extent.