Find Affordable Rooms and the Perfect Roommates You Can Trust

It’s everything and more to love the space you live in and be at peace with the person you share that space with.  At one point in your life, you may need to move out to somewhere new, sublet your house, or put up your room for rent to get a roommate to split the rent.  And yes, you will need help with these.

From costly roommate finder apps to Facebook groups wanting to dig deep into your personal info and unsatisfactory craigslist prospects,  finding the ideal room or compatible roommate you can trust can be a chore and quite tedious.

But do not be discouraged. to the rescue!

Here at, we come through for you with finding a roommate, finding a room for rent, or subletting your house by filtering through many options to provide you with only the best options to match with and choose from.

How does RoomMatch Work?

Register with Roommatch and get searching.  With 100% free services, zero expensive upgrades, and no pop-up ads, Roommatch is the ideal roommate finder in LA, New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and many more.  You also have the option to select from a variety of properties in different parts of these cities, ranging from apartments, houses to student housings and whatnot, which are either furnished or unfurnished. Yes, we got you fully covered!

Our match-up feature enables you to match up with other prospects interested in a property but looking to share rent with a roommate. With a rich catalog of potential roommates, we display only necessary information like names, age, sexual orientations, desired location or place area, time looking to move, the number of roommates looking to move with, budget, and occupation. With such basics, you are sure to make informed choices when making your choice.

We have a unique compatibility quiz where we ask a series of personality and other essential questions.  Your answers will enable us to calculate your compatibility with a prospective roommate and pair up with just the right roommate to complement your lifestyle.

With our match-up feature, you will have no worries about getting a party horse for a roommate if you’d rather have your space quiet at all times, and you may end up becoming soul siblings or forever besties with your college roommate.

The unique compatibility test is a feature you won’t get on other room/roommate finder sites and apps.  Did we tell you it’s also absolutely free?!

Just like your favorite dating sites, you get to safely chat with potential matches in a controlled and safe space through our internal messaging system.  Because your security is our priority, our messaging system doesn’t require you communicating via your phone numbers or Emails. Still, you may share such personal contact details once mutual trust is established.

So, what you’re waiting for?

Get clicking and be on your way to finding affordable rooms that suit your preference and just the perfect roommate for your personality.  You can bet your expectations will be fully met and most probably surpassed!



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