Finally a Guide: How to Boil Eggs Perfectly!

Boiling eggs is really easy. How come each time there is a different outcome?

Every time I boil some eggs, I forget how much time has passed. Time is crucial when it comes to boiling eggs.

Eggs are the most perfect protein bite your body needs every morning.

I can’t imagine any different start of the day. And you know what? – Their taste never gets old.

Seriously. If you know how to boil them perfectly, everything will be different.

When I first started implementing eggs in my diet, I hated them. I never knew how to get the perfectly boiled egg. I always ended up throwing out at least half of the egg.

Because my abilities to prepare an egg were below zero.

I tried different methods and never succeeded. Then I found the perfect guide. Boiling an egg is too easy now. You know what are you doing and the outcome is perfect every time.

So, what’s the perfect technique for boiling an egg?

First things first. Let’s see whether the egg is fresh enough for you to eat. No one knows how much time has passed since this egg was “born”.

In order to do that, I got a chart that will help you determine if the egg is good to be eaten or not.


I’ll try to transfer it step-by-step. It’s really easy if you follow the instructions.

  •      Step 1 – Placing the egg

Take an egg and place in a pot with cold water. Leave one inch of water above the eggs and don’t put too many eggs in one pot. Add little bit of vinegar.

  •      Step 2 – Place the pot over high heat
  •      Step 3 – When the water starts boiling lightly around the eggs, cover the pot and move it to a burner that’s off.
  •      Step 4 – Watch the timer

The timer? – Yes. If you remember what I said before, time is crucial when you boil eggs.

To help you get the real picture of how perfectly boiled egg looks like, I will show you this chart list.

It explains everything. You just need to pick your egg and see how much time is enough to get one like that.


I bet you weren’t boiling eggs like this. It’s really helpful and you won’t need to stay in front of them all the time.

Just start the timer and come back after few minutes.

While you are waiting, you can get ready for work or do your morning workout routine.

By the time you are done, the eggs will be there waiting for you.

Happy boiling!

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