“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”

Cornel West

The world needs more human rights advocates and activists like Joshua Kirshbaum – a man committed and dedicated to seeing that there is the love of humanity and justice for all by preaching the culture of peace and nonviolence even in the face of violent and oppressive situations.

The 30year old Los Angeles native, UN consulter, conflict zone photographer, and NYC Bar accredited mediator started working for local theatres at age 10. He went further to start up a filmmaking studio (AE Studios) at 18, which expanded to 16 locations across the East Coast in a few years.

By age 21, he began AE Focus projects and connected with major sponsors, and a year later, he opened his first official communications office after consulting for top firms.

Seeing the importance of international organizations and their essential role in the quest for common humanity, Kirshbaum got into partnerships with several international organizations and nonprofit organizations to startup philanthropic projects across South America focusing on gender rights, community building, and entrepreneurial training.

He later went on to become an active member and consultant for various organizations and NGOs across the globe after establishing the AE Network in 2015. A year later, he decided to join forces with his father, David Kirshbaum, at the Nonviolence International New York office, becoming the Executive Director in 2018 and now at the frontline of fulfilling its mission statements.

The Nonviolence International Network

The Nonviolence International Global Network is a nongovernmental decentralized resource center founded by Palestinian activist Mubarak Awad in 1989 to promote nonviolent actions in religious, political, and social conflict resolution. It’s also an organization in special consultative status with ECOSOC.

Nonviolence New York Network

The following are the core networks and resource centers of Nonviolence New York Network, through which they touch lives, impact, empower, mentor, and teach individuals and communities alike both locally and internationally in furtherance of their call for peace.

  • The Nonviolence Resource Centre, Harlem

Headed by Joshua Kirshbaum, the NVRC is committed to organizing events, training, and workshops, and providing resources targeted at achieving the 2030 UN’s SDG

  • Arizona Research Centre

The Arizona Research Centre is the Nonviolence International New York project to bring together peacebuilding and nonviolence education, and research efforts started at the New York office.

  • United for Change (U4C), Harlem

In the face of rising racial and gender inequalities and law enforcement violence in America, the U4C was created to engage those hungry for changes but have no clue how to realize this dream of social justice. You can either join the movement, access resources, news, and stories from the U4C, or submit ideas.

  • The Nonviolence International New York Office

Nonviolence New York is a nonprofit organization network aimed at peacebuilding and reducing violence globally, amongst many other humanitarian causes. Since its establishment in 2014 by David Kirshbaum, this organization has dealt with advocating, communicating, innovating, researching, and educating peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, and disarmament.

The Nonviolence New York team headed by Joshua Kirshbaum has since built a network of global affiliations and partnerships with dozens of international coalitions, civil organizations, and United Nations agencies (including the ECOSOC and the UNITAR). This is in a bid to champion the UN SDGs’ realization and advocate for the helpless and oppressed on both local and international scales.

They offer various programs for like-minds devoted to or who have a passion for peacebuilding and social justice and yearn for a time where the people have total freedom from inequality, injustice, and rights violations.

Toping the list is the Nonviolence New York Graduate Plan (NYGP). The NYGP is a remote program and project started by the Nonviolence NY in collaboration with the UNITAR. It’s targeted at equipping graduates from all over the world who are passionate about peacebuilding and international affairs with the right resources and skills to transform them into future diplomats.

While other programs focus on humanitarian-core building, the NYGP is a platform that extensively combines what they offer and gives you access to fieldwork in Civil Society at the United Nations. Throughout this program, you will be led through the program’s tripartite vision – learn, master, lead.

You will learn under UN diplomats and experts in diplomatic training sessions and master the art of peacebuilding. After this, you’ll be ready to lead social movements and champion the course for diplomacy and peace in your own private spaces.

What’s more? You get a free consultation with the team to determine if this is the right program for you. And once it’s confirmed that it is, you can run this course online from any part of the world without having to move to NYC.

Apply here to get started with the NYGP and be guaranteed the first step to actualizing your humanitarian passions.


Being in the times where the primary tool of conflict resolution is violence, the Nonviolence NY has since its inception been at the frontline of advocating and consulting for sustainable peace in America and beyond. To know more and join the movement to bring about a shift in the world, click here.

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