Few Simple Gardening Tricks and Tips You Can Use Today

If you are interested in how to make your private garden the place where you will drink your morning coffee, you need these tips and tricks.

You already know how to take a good care of your garden, but you won’t mind knowing few extra tricks that will help you get the job done faster and more effective.

We are talking about something different and something you didn’t have the chance to see.

I know your garden waits for you and that’s why we are going to get down straight to business.

These tips and tricks are used by many of my neighbors and I know they are effective.

Mixture of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water will help you remove salt deposits formed on clay pots.


To prevent the dirt of going under your fingernails draw them across a bar of soap and you will seal the undersides. Use a nailbrush to remove the soap once you finish gardening.


Before you install the line on your string trimmer, spray it with vegetable oil. This will prevent it from breaking.


Turn a long-handled tool into your best measuring stick. Use a permanent marker to write the inch and foot mark.


Little clay pots are great cloches that will protect your young plants from frosts.


Turn a clay pot into a hose guide by stabbing one-foot steel into the ground at the corner of a bed and slip two clay pots over it. Make sure the first one is facing down and the second is facing up.


To create natural markers, write the names of the plants on the flat faces of the stones and place them near the base of these plants


Aphids are controllable with strong blast of water from hose or you can use insecticidal soap.


The next time you boil vegetables don’t drain the water. Use it to water potted patio plants. They will love the veggie soup.


Leftover tea or coffee grounds will acidify the soil where you grow acid-loving plants.


Chamomile tea controls damping-off fungus that attacks young seedlings.


Lay a sheet of newspaper on the seat of your car, arrange the herbs in a single layer, roll up the windows and close the car doors. This is the best way for drying out herbs.



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