Few pointers to improve the interior of your BMW

If you own a BMW, you came to the right place. We’ve assembled a short, but hopefully an informative article for all owners and drivers who want to improve not the performance, but the interior and comfort aspects of their BMW. Without offering our advice on chip tuning, drive mode adjustments according to your driving style and the optimal tyre choice, we’ll turn our focus to where the driver and the passenger(s) tend to spend the most time – inside the car.

A new steering wheel

If the steering wheel in your current BMW is scuffed, worn or damaged, it’s time to get a new one. Since the manufacturer advocates making the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’, it is important to feel the car as well, as the manufacturer intended you to. This is why you should look into buying BMW steering wheels that could replace the one which is currently in your car. A wooden wheel will help add more refinement and comfort to driving.

More refined multimedia system

If you own an older BMW or one that has a slightly less optional extras, it is sensible to invest into upgrading for a better multimedia system. It isn’t just for show, either. A proper multimedia system can help navigate and monitor the car as well as provide entertainment for the driver and the passengers.

A digital dashboard

To make your car’s inside a lot more exciting, you can fit a digital dashboard to take make it seem more luxurious and sporty at the same time. A digital dashboard (if compatible) can show you a lot more information about the car + provide more accurate data that is needed in real-time. They’re also very bright and high-res, meaning that you can configure things on the go.

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