Feeling Good: 5 Simple Tips for How to Have Better Senior Sex

There is no reason why life shouldn’t be like a fine wine: better with age. Life doesn’t end after 50, and it shouldn’t feel that way. And that includes sex during your senior years.

A lot of people assume senior sex is nonexistent, but age doesn’t stop us from feeling desire. And it shouldn’t stop anyone from participating in positive, consensual sexual activities.

While age can make certain aspects of life more difficult, it doesn’t need to end your sexual activities. Many tips for having more enjoyable senior sex are simple and easy to achieve.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Sex

Sex can have a lot of benefits in our lives. These include better physical health, closer relationships, and increase your lifespan. Age shouldn’t be an obstacle preventing physical intimacy.

Sex as a senior can provide some difficulties as well. Joints are stiffer, leaving you less flexible.

It can cause things like arthritis to act up, and lead to pain. However, when you take the proper precautions it should be an enjoyable experience no matter how old.

Senior Sex Tips

Tips for having great sex at any age are useful for all couples. But sex after 50 can provide unique challenges. With these tips, it should be easier and more enjoyable.


With age, things can be slower to firm, to put it bluntly. But sex toys can make a huge difference. Incorporating a vibrator, dil*o, or penis sleeve into activities can help a lot.

Even adjusting your thoughts of what sex is can help. If your partner cannot perform in ways you planned, there are alternatives that can include toys and other accessories.

Lube and Medication

Lube is great for sexual activities no matter what age. And using lube, and medication, are not something to be embarrassed about. These are simply created to help and enhance your experience and should be used as such.


Taking things slow is important with senior sex. Foreplay is essential and can help give your body time to warm up so you perform and enjoy it. There is no reason to rush, and going at a comfortable pace can allow everyone to perform in ways they are able. Going too fast can cause pain or an injury to hinder future sexual experiences.


Communication is always important in intimate relationships, but it is a key aspect of having sex as a senior. If you are having trouble feeling aroused, or having any kind of complication, you need to feel comfortable talking to your partner. Even something as little as changing positions or slowing things down can make a difference.

Talking about sex can seem like a basic tip, but with sex, during your senior years, it’s very necessary. Intimacy can be more difficult as well as arousal the older you get. Communicating can connect you to your partner and help you find ways you both can enjoy sexual activities despite your age or possible limitations.


Even when pregnancy is no longer a risk, safe sex is still important. You are protecting yourself and your partner from possible STIs, which could cause dangerous complications. Sex as a senior should still be fun, safe, and respectful for everyone involved.

Better With Age

Senior sex can be amazing and deep and connect you in ways you never had with previous partners. It also includes challenges like lower libido and physical inflexibility. But communication and finding what works for you and your partner can lead to some wonderful experiences.

Don’t let your age limit you and what you feel is possible. Be safe, have fun, and communicate. And if you found this article helpful, check us out for more great tips.

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