Petite women can have it tough sometimes. When you have a body frame that seems like it was made for drowning inside clothes, finding the perfect style combinations can be a chore. There are just so many fantastic fashion trends you want to jump on, but you’re not sure if you wouldn’t be shooting yourself in the leg with those boyfriend jeans. You don’t need to worry anymore. These 9 tips would help you feel confident in your petite body and serve as the perfect style guide for all petites out there.

1. Follow the rule of thirds

This simply means that when choosing an outfit, try not to split your body into two halves with your choice of clothing. Instead, wear clothes that have the bottom-half covering 2/3 of your body and the upper-half covering 1/3. This helps in creating an illusion of length, thus making you look taller than you really are. For instance, you can rock high waisted jeans and a crop top.

2. High-waisted… everything

High-waisted bottoms are a must-have in your petite closet. They effectively raise your waistline, helping your proportions, and giving your legs a more elongated look. Whether on skirts, pants, or jeans, your petite frame can never go wrong with a high-waisted bottom.

3. Go for knee-high or above the knee skirts

By now, you must have had many fails with maxi skirts and maybe even falls. How about you try on something flirtier? Skirts that sit on or are just above the knee help you show more leg, making you look taller in the process. This effect is all the more enhanced when the skirt is flared or skater.

4. Don’t wear those wide-leg jeans

Just don’t. The extra material in wide-leg jeans run horizontally. This adds width to your legs, making you look shorter than you already are. In its place, go for flared or bootcut jeans. These two have added material after the knees that run vertically to give you a longer silhouette.

5. Split your maxi

Chances are that you just can’t resist the temptation of wearing maxi dresses, so here’s how not to get lost in them: Splits. Adding a side split will do wonders for your petite frame. Also, try to avoid maxi dresses that have large prints or are made with heavy fabric as these can easily overwhelm your figure.

6. Jumpsuits

Here’s a top style guide for you: As a petite woman, the best way to look taller than you are is to wear a one piece. And that’s where the jumpsuits come in. These beauties give the illusion of a continuous vertical line, which adds length to your body.

7. Pay attention to your neckline

You probably don’t, but you really should. Petite women tend to have shorter necks than most, and the best way to make your neck look longer is by opting for necklines that show some skin. Why? Because exposed skin gives the illusion of space, which has a lengthening effect. So next time you go shopping, get yourself a top or dress with an off the shoulder or sweetheart neckline.

8. Don’t overlook your sleeves

We don’t think you do, though. It’s hard to overlook sleeves when most clothes you buy have sleeve lengths that are longer than your arm. But instead of purchasing long-sleeved tops, choose dresses with 3-quarter sleeves. These can actually give your arm a longer look than long sleeve It es can.

9. Mind your accessories

With beauty and fashion, everything matters. Even your choice of shoes and bags affect your overall look. Avoid oversized bags at all costs as they always have a way of dwarfing a petite frame. You should go for bags proportionate to your size, i.e., small and medium-sized. Wear high heels (obviously). Also, get more nude-colored and pointy-toe heels as they also help in making you look taller.

And we’re done. Armed with this style guide, you would never need to get confused about what to wear again. Don’t hesitate to go out there and flaunt that cute frame of yours.

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