Fashion World: This Girl Ate ONLY 3 Apples a Day for 8 Months. She Looks Devastating

The fashion world is not what people think it is. This 18-year old model from France had big dreams for her life.

Everything changed when she went out shopping with her mother. Her name is Victoire Macon Dauxerre and this is her devastating life story.


At that time, she was studying for the upcoming final exams that will point out her lifetime career.

When she went out with her mother to free her mind and relax, a modeling agency saw her and approached her to make an offer she couldn’t resist.

Every girl’s dream is to become a model. That’s how Victoire’s life changed. It was the beginning of a nightmare.

She explains that shortly after signing that deal with Elite Modeling Agency, she was trapped in a place with many other skinny models.

“Nobody told me I should lose weight at the beginning.”

She explains that it was really tough for her because all of the clothes were size 32-34, and she had to fit in them.

Fashion Weeks have been approaching and Victoire started starving. Her awful diet contained only 3 apples per day and sparkling water to keep her full. She was allowed to eat a small piece of chicken or fish, but only once in a week.

She managed to lose 22 pounds in 2 months.

The struggle was real, but she became very successful. Vic shares a story how she became one of the most demanding models. She was always booked for shows in Milan, New York, and Paris. She was working for a lot of prestigious brands.


However, all of that was just a mask of a struggling girl. Behind her tight clothes and skinny body, there was a girl hiding in pain.

She was suffering from anorexia. Her hair started to fall off. Her pulse was weaker than it should have normally been. Osteoporosis decided to join in. On top of everything, she lost her period.

She was 5’10’’ and weighed only 103 pounds.

According to her, that was not the worst part.

After the struggle and after trimming down 22 pounds very fast, the modeling agency was manipulating with the pictures.

“They added weight to my thighs and cheeks. The girls working there today will probably say I’m lying. They can’t say anything if they want to continue.”

All of the girls there have been eating snacks in front of the critics and journalists just to avoid the bad image. But, after that, they HAD to vomit.

Losing her weight, getting all those awful diseases and being disrespected by the agency were the reasons why she became weak emotionally.

After 8 months of modeling, she started to have suicidal thoughts.


“Nobody understood. Everybody was telling me, ‘You have a dream life,’ but I’d never been so miserable.”

Luckily, she picked up her pace quickly and decided to quit her modeling career. Everything is described in her book “Never Skinny Enough. Diary of a Top Model”.

She talks about everything. Her life. The start of her modeling career. How the modeling agencies treat the models. The rude designers. The pressure. Everything.

I’m happy to say that this girl was brave enough to speak up about how models should be treated.

This story became viral and inspirational and it is the reason why the French court has issued a new law.

This law forbids models that are too skinny to work.

Victoire even advises other models that if someone asks them to lose weight they should run immediately!


My respect goes to this girl who is one of the bravest models that decided to speak up and let the world know that things are not perfect behind the doors of the fashion world.

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Source: Healthy Life Vision

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