Fashion Tips for New Mums

When you’ve just had a baby, the very last thing on your mind is thinking about what you’re wearing on a day-to-day basis. This little bundle of joy has come into your life and is your sole concentration; however, you may feel that you have let yourself go and just aren’t feeling confident in your appearance. If you’re a mum-to-be or have just recently given birth, we have put together some useful tips you can follow on how to dress as a newbie mum to stay fashionable and comfortable. Take a look at some of the useful pointers below to steer you in the right direction:

  • Invest in some dungarees

You may consider dungarees as a style fashion disaster of the past, but they have really come back into mainline fashion in the last few years. Every woman needs some trusty denim in their wardrobe, and a pair of dungarees will become a firm favorite for casual styling. Not only are they comfortable, but they can easily be unclipped for breastfeeding when you’re out and about, without being too obvious about it.

  • Sunglasses

It goes without saying that as a new mum, you’re going to be feeling the tiredness as a result of those repetitive night feeds. Those droopy eye bags are real – we’ve all been there and you may be struggling in the bright sunlight to keep your eyes open. An old-fashioned fashion remedy to hide those tired eyes is to wear a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses can really set off an outfit when you’re heading out, but it’s always the best idea to find a pair that suit your face shape. GlassesonWeb sell a variety of styles from some of the most popular designers, so you’ll always look bang on-trend.

  • Pick prints with popping colors

As a new mum, choosing busy prints for your clothing not only allows you to stand out, but can also be a very practical solution when hiding baby food spillages. It’s a given that your clothing is bound to become messy throughout the day with changing and feeding, but colorful prints won’t make stains look quite as obvious.

  • Think beyond black

Many new mums aim to stick to black clothing as it’s the most flattering hue and makes them look slimmer, however, if you have particularly pale skin, it can leave you looking washed out and boring. If you prefer to wear darker colors, you could instead opt for the likes of chocolate brown, navy or dark grey as they’re not as harsh to wear as pure black. To bring some extra color to your look, you could always accessories with bright tones.

  • Flat shoes

Towards the end of your pregnancy and just after giving birth. Flat shoes will become your savior. It’s likely you’ll be dashing here, there and everywhere to get jobs done and chasing little ones; but flats doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. You can pick from an array of comfortable flat shoes to suit any individual style, from the casual lace-up trainer to wear with jeans or maxi skirts to a pair of feminine dolly shoes with dresses.

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