Fashion Photography Tips To Make Your Product Pop

It’s every designer’s dream to conceptualise and create beautiful items that their customers will want to wear or own. While good design is imperative to this, good fashion photography can really convince your customers that they need to have the item. Adriana Alfonsi, an expert fashion photographer who currently works at The Photography Co in Dubai claims that a stylish picture of your dress can have your items flying out of the racks. Here are some of her tips for capturing stunning product photographs.

Fashion Photography tips to make your product pop

1) Brainstorm the concept

Your pictures should communicate your brand and its message. Does your brand customise outfits for children? If so, a shoot at the toy store or a play area is all you need. Get creative if you stock chic urban wear.

Fashion photography does not require textual concept. Instead, convey your brand’s message through visual content.

2) Prepare your garment

When shooting, the products should appear in their best condition. This means no wrinkles or other visible defects.

Also, consider the complete outfit and the concept of your shoot as well as the brand. Are you planning an outdoor shoot and portraying an adventurous model? Then perhaps the high heel may not look appropriate regardless of how well they look good with your designed outfit. Or maybe you are sending someone to prom, then make sure to complete their outfit with a fancy purse/clutch, jewelry and stilettos.

You could take a completely different route and create contrast. This is one successful technique used by fashion photographers in Dubai. For instance, get your model to wear a swimsuit on the snowy mountains.

3) Light it Up!

Natural window light is the most affordable lightning choice for photographers on a budget. Fashion photographers in Dubai suggest professional lighting equipment that provides ample light when even the window light is not sufficient.

Place the light at a 45-degree angle of the product to keep it even throughout. Don’t keep your model or product too close to the background to avoid unnecessary shadows.

If your camera is not equipped with a light meter, invest in a handheld device for accuracy. Synchronise it with your light system and place it right in front of the subject to achieve accurate readings and optimal exposure and focus.

4) Ready, Set, Shoot

Once you have locked down your theme, model and setting, now it’s time to get down to business. Start snapping those pictures. Shoot as many images as possible. Use different angles and settings so you have lots of end-results to choose from. Sometimes an angle or setting looks good in reality, but doesn’t convey so well on camera.

5) Don’t forget to edit

When it comes to fashion photography, editing is something you don’t want to miss. Editing will help get rid of the face marks, or bring that special glow. Editing also works in reinforcing your brand’s theme. Use filters to create a consistent brand image.

These are the basic tips for fashion photography. To add a little more stylization to your pictures, take things outside the box. Experiment with your ideas and settings. Sometimes, a good fashion picture sells better than a good fashion piece.

If you are looking for professional fashion photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, get in touch with the team of expert fashion photographers at The Photography Co.

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