Family Safety: Well, here are the best apps

Have you ever thought what will happen if your kid doesn’t show up after school or coaching class, or there can be cases they are hanging out with some bad company? Don’t worry! This advanced technology has provided us this solution in the form of the family tracking app. You can track your kids, monitor their activity and many more so that they can grow up in a safe and polite environment under their limits. Here below are the best applications you can rely on the safety of your family.

Find My Kids

This application is designed to give peace to the parents by making their kids safe. It makes the kids secure as you can track their live location, activities and online presence. Find my kids is the highly usable GPS tracker app by the parents having a simple and easy user interface. It will automatically update the location as the target mobile moves. There is no need to share manually.

In case you can’t reach your kids’ cell phone, this app will avail the sound feature for that. You can listen to what’s happening around them. You can monitor apps through the statistics provided so that you can limit their app uses by uninstalling most used dangerous and violent applications from their cellphone.

The best feature of this app is the SOS signal. If your child is not able to give you a call and is in danger then he/she can send you signal by which you will get their exact location and the noise around them will get recorded. Install this app over your iOS or Android devices and make your kids journey safe and secure. You can download this app for free and take family subscription annualy for 3 devices with $16.99.

Family Time

With Family Time, parents can control the content to be viewed over the internet by the kids. It allows you to set phone usage time limit, live location tracking. Also, the alarm setting feature is available to alert the kids for homework, school or bedtime.

You can monitor and customize the content to be accessed by the kids. You have the right to set the time limit for using mobile, track the live location and store the visiting history and setting alarm for homework or bedtime.

It supports geofencing to get the alerts if the child crosses the bounded area. You can filter the online sites, games, calls, SMS, and apps, etc. Also, you can keep an eye on the contact list in the target mobile.

It has both a free and paid version. You will have limited access to the features in the free version. It will cost you $27 annually for one device and $69 annually for 5 mobile phones.

Norton Family Premier

You must have heard about the best antivirus named as Norton. It also provides the family premium program for child security. It makes the parents eligible to control and monitor their child’s activities.

You can manage their online presence and it is quite easy to use because of its simple user interface. It includes several features like blocking unwanted websites, maintaining the history of sites visited by the child, etc.

Also, you can limit phone usage by setting the phone using hours. It has good features but if we go as per the app reviews, it’s some features do not work properly. Its IOS version has limited features as compared to the Android.

It is available for both the platforms IOS and Android. It costs $50 annually and can be installed on the number of devices.

ESET Parental Control

The next app for securing your kid is ESET. Parents are allowed to monitor the activities of their kid. It is specially designed for Android devices. Also, you can get the real-time location of your child. It gives peace of mind to the parents as they are aware of their kid’s movements.

And, you can manage the downloaded applications in the target phone. You are allowed to block unwanted mobile applications. Get the child’s live location using ESET web-based app.

Also by 24 x 7, you can keep an eye on the web activities of your child. It is only available for the Android platform not for the IOS. You can simply download it from the Google Play Store and is free of cost.

Family Orbit

Several applications are available online to track and monitor the child having lots of facilities. Family Orbit is one of them which make you connected with your loved ones. It has a feature which allows you to check the images they are sharing. So that they will not get in trouble by sharing inappropriate pictures.

You are allowed to restrict data and mobile usage. It provides you access to monitor the contact list and calls.

It also supports SOS alerts. With this, you will get the notification along with the exact current location. It is available for both Android and IOS users.

Since these days, crime rate has increased at a drastic rate, so leveraging such application will help you not only your kid but your whole family. So before it gets too late, install it now.

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