Family Days Out And The Cafe Culture: Embracing The Brews And Savings Of National Coffee Week!

Ah, the whirlwind of family outings. Packing snacks, coordinating schedules, wrestling with trolleys, and ensuring everyone’s buckled in for the ride. Amongst the hustle and bustle of shopping trips and errands, there’s one fragrant sanctuary that parents across the UK gravitate towards: the cafe.

National Coffee Week is upon us, and it’s the perfect moment to indulge in the UK’s rich tapestry of coffee culture and, more importantly, learn how families can sip and save with tastecard’s offerings.

The Caffeinated Cities: Family Pit Stops and More

Ever wondered where the UK’s coffee heart beats the loudest? According to tastecard and Coffee Club, London takes the crown with a jaw-dropping 778,160 total searches for coffee in 2023. Following closely behind are Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, and York. From the Thames views in London to the historical lanes in York, these cities not only offer unique family-friendly attractions but also the promise of a sumptuous coffee break.

However, whether you’re in buzzing London or the quieter corners of Southwark, there’s always a cafe ready to serve a steaming cuppa. For families, these cafes aren’t just pit stops but pockets of moments where parents can take a breather, children can refuel, and where heartwarming memories are brewed alongside espressos.

The Caffeinated Cities Family Pit Stops and More

Favourite Family Brews: What’s Your Pick?

It’s interesting to note that amongst the varied palates in the UK, the unassuming Americano reigns supreme in 2023. But wait, the Flat White and Cappuccino aren’t far behind. Parents are very clearly reach for the caffeine punch of an Americano! While you are happy with your caffeine boosts the little ones can enjoy a hot chocolate alongside.

Sip, Save and Celebrate!

We know, coffee outings, especially with the whole brood, can sum up to quite a bit. But here’s the kicker. With Coffee Club on tastecard, you stand to save a whopping 25% on barista-made drinks. Think about it: that’s potential savings of £117 a year based on the average coffee price of £3.25, with the typical user indulging thrice a week.

So, parents, as you go about your busy shopping days, know that your love for coffee is not just a personal pick-me-up, but a shared family experience. And with platforms like tastecard, restaurant deals near you and cafe outings become even more special as you embrace quality moments without burning a hole in your pocket.

To all the families out there, National Coffee Week isn’t just about celebrating the brew; it’s about cherishing the moments around it. So, embrace the cafe culture, make memories, sip your favourites, and save with every cup!

Join the buzz of National Coffee Week, and don’t miss out on the fantastic offers and traditions with tastecard. Here’s to families, frothy lattes, and fantastic savings!