Express Your Own Beauty Through Homecoming Dresses

The countdown to the famous ‘homecoming night’ began. One of the most anticipated moments where every detail matter, but there is one that all girls must focus on: the dress. Your outfit is one of the things that you have to start checking with time, so here we allow you to compare the trends that can suit your personality and help in choosing among all the Homecoming Dresses this season.More hints

Homecoming Queens

Let’s start with a key point: Define the style. To Know how you want to be remembered for the rest of the school year, whether it is relaxed, glamorous, fun and unique.

We will always see the bright shades and textures elaborated during that particular event. However, it is a moment in which each girl tries to reflect her individuality. So, finding another person with the same dress is never an option, dare to look fabulous!

The alternatives that will always succeed are:

  • Short dresses. They create a balance between “formal” and “casual”.
  • Pastel colors. With a particular preference for the range of celestial.
  • Details and exposed backs.

Curious fact: Teen Vogue tells us in What Homecoming Dress You Should Wear According to Your Horoscope that a new custom is to arrive in a long dress and in the middle of the night to change with a short one. A kind of “bride” ahead of her time, or a mini pop star version in full concert.

The perfect option for this is to use an elegant dress, ideal for arriving alongside your date or the whole group of friends, take glamorous pictures and snaps, and another one of cocktail style to dance the night away. We loved the combination of the Red Halter Cutout Jersey Dress and the Dark Rose Off the Shoulder Embellished Belt Homecoming Dress, one fitted and bright and the other relaxed and sexy, both from Jovani Fashion. They will highlight a fun and rebellious spirit, the makeup you wear will be perfect for both models.

Trends for 2019

We can’t stop thinking that the dress or outfit you choose to wear for your homecoming should make you gain confidence and comfort while making you look the way you’ve always wanted. Here are some distinguished mentions:

  • If you decide not to go so elegant, the event allows it or so you feel more comfortable, go for a jumpsuit or romper with the right cut for your body type. There are several options to adapt for a cute and sexy silhouette- tall and stylish.

Regarding color, the ultraviolet is a guarantee, perfect for any skin shade. You can find it in various styles.

  • The lace never goes out of style, and it is a very elegant, sexy and feminine texture. As it is widely used in wedding dresses, it is also used for homecoming dresses in strong and neutral colors.
  • If you are researching what to wear the next Homecoming Dresses season, you can bet on pieces that leave out the rhinestones and sequins since the fabrics without any adornment will be the must. Better focus on giving prominence to the necklines and sensual V neck; if you think deep necklines are a hazardous option, a halter neck.

If all of your girls are wearing cocktail design, bet on dresses with A skirt and transparencies or columns and draped for a more formal homecoming.

You can not lose the style that has always characterized you, instead give it a twist, who knows? You might become the homecoming queen of your class.

Note: Wear them with shoes in nude; keep your makeup between the natural and the metallic without falling into excess, you will not want to detract from the red of the garment. read more